Dissidia: Final Fantasy Discussion

Square-Enix Presents…
Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Description & General Information
Developed & Published by: Square-Enix
Release Date: TBA (To be announced)
Yosuke Shiokawa (Game Director)
Tetsuya Nomura (Character Designer)
Yoshitaka Amano (Title Logo Designer)
Takeharu Ishimoto (Composer)
Genre: Dramatic Progressive Action
Platform: PSP (Playstation Portable)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a very recent Final Fantasy title first announced at this year’s Square-Enix Party in Japan. More information was released at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, but only in the Closed Mega Theaters.This game is said to unite characters from across the Final Fantasy series. The gameplay for Dissidia is likened to that of the Super Smash Bros. series for various Nintendo platforms. The main theme behind Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a war being waged by the elements of Light & Darkness, with the element of Light being led by the goddes Cosmos. Cosmos is a new character designed specifically for Dissidia, while the element of Darkness is led by Chaos, who was also the final boss of the original Final Fantasy. Along with Cosmos and Chaos, each side will have its own share of characters from the Final Fantasy series leading the war. Confirmed characters thus far:

Zidane Tribal (who was the main character of Final Fantasy IX)
Squall Leonhart (who was the main character of Final Fantasy VIII)
Firion (who was the main character of Final Fantasy II)
Warrior of Light (who was one of the main characters of Final Fantasy I)

Kuja (who was the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy IX)
Ultimecia (who was the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII)
Sephiroth (who was the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy VII)
Mateus (who was the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy II)*
Garland (who was the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy I)

*Emperor of Palamecia

A minimum of ten characters are confirmed to be included in Dissidia. Apparently Squall and Firion were confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show because no scans or the TGS trailer have been revealed to the public on their status thus far. All of the other characters can be seen in the Square-Enix Party trailer to Dissidia and their designs can be seen on various japanese magazine scans which can be googled. Something also special to Dissidia is that the arenas that the characters battle in are memorable places in Final Fantasy history. Gameplay aspects in relevance to the characters:
[li]Each character has a set of skills with which to use against their opponent.[/li][li]Characters can be customized with equipment.[/li][li]Skill sets change based on distance from opponent on battle field.[/li][li]Destroying the arena around you will fill up your “brave” meter, which is similar to a “limit break”, “overdrive”, or “trance” meter.[/li][li]As the meter fills, characters gain new skills.[/li][li]“Pounding” on your opponent causes a “special move” gauge to fill up, giving access to a special move.[/li][li]Special moves were influenced by the stories of each character, so a special move will be recognizable from the Final Fantasy title the character originated from.[/li][li]Experience is gained from battles which will cause your character to level up and become stronger.[/li][li]Wireless battles will become available, but only one-on-one.[/ul]Examples of special moves include:[/li]Zidane’s Trance Command
Warrior of Light’s Class Change Command

Speculations & Theories
Here all speculations and such will go, along with any interesting notes on Dissidia. Examples include its connections with other Final Fantasy titles, what characters you hope to appear in Dissidia, etc.

Links & Resources

http://www.square-enix.co.jp/dissidia/ (Official Square-Enix Website in Japanese)
http://www.squarehaven.com/games/psp/dissidia-ff/ (Includes scans)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_9ZYoM9cao (Square-Enix Party 2007 Trailer)

New Confirmed Characters

Mateus Palamecia(primary antagonist of Final Fantasy II)
Ultimecia (true antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII)

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