Dissidia 2: Notions

Pretty much, as the game might be getting a sequel, might as well state who like to see appear… A bit of Minor Spoilerage.

HEROES (The Warriors of Cosmos all return with new members. Those listed are the main characters)
Cecil (FF4): Job Augment
Cloud (FF7 AC): Mako Enrichment
Squall (KH2): Equipped Lionheart
Yuna (FFX/FFX-2): Job Mastery
Vaan (FFXII): Equipped Anatasia
Lightning (FFXIII): Equipped Ultima Weapon
Marche (FFTA): Equipped Judge Sword
Layle (FFCC: Crystal Bearers): Crystal Reaction
Kaze (FFU): “Soil is my Power.”

Kain(FF4) : Job Augment (Dark Kain, FF4 After Years)
Sephiroth(FF7): Reunion
Gilgamesh(FFV): Morph’n Time (FFXII)
Shuyin(FFX-2): Oversoul
Feolthanos(FFXII:RW): ‘Feolthanos Exultant’
Galenth Dysley(FFXIII): Barthandelus
Remedi(FFTA):’ Li Gimore’
Jergan(FFCC: Crystal Bearers): Crystal Reaction
Makenshi (FFU): Equipped Cross Sword

Vincent Valentine (FF7, DoC): Chaos Incarnate
Gabranth(FFXII): Mist
Golbez(FF4/FF4 After Years): ???

There’s no way in hell anybody from FFU would make it into these, and very very little chance that anyone from the Tactics or Crystal Chronicles series, either. They’re spinoffs.

Anything’s possible, Cidolfas. Besides, there’s not enough games to introduce new representing characters at this time so spin-offs are a likely place as any to gather such villians like Jegran, whose storyline was well done. Furthermore, I think only Kaze and Makenshi would make it as the two have a history with Chaos in their series.

Yuna (FFX/FFX-2): Triggerhappy(Gunner)/Holy(Summoner)
Vaan (FFXII): Pyroclasm
Lightning (FFXIII): Army of One/Zantetsuken combo
Marche (FFTA): Combo
Layle (FFCC: Crystal Bearers): Crystal Board
Kaze (FFU): “The Soil Charge Triad to use on you is Decided”
Kain(FF4) : Dark Mega Flare
Gilgamesh(FFV): Sword of Legend/Excalipur
Shuyin(FFX-2): Terror of Zanarkand
Feolthanos(FFXII:RW): Faithless Cry
Galenth Dysley(FFXIII): Merciless Judgement
Remedi(FFTA): Alpha and Omega
Jergan(FFCC: Crystal Bearers): Jegran Arm
Makenshi (FFU): Symphony of the White Cloud
Vincent Valentine (FF7, DoC): Death Penalty

Or course, there could be a “Dissidia Zero” instead.

Um… actually, there are a ton of characters in each individual game they could use. There are over a hundred characters in the main FF series as a whole, they don’t need to go off into spinoffs to fill up the roster. People like Tifa, Zack, Zell, Rikku, Auron, Balthier, etc… lots of choices.

I do know that Nomura expressed interest in including some KH characters though.

FFU was so astronomically unpopular that they actually canceled it a single episode before the end of the season. I’m pretty sure they want to forget it ever happened. Same with The Spirits Within.

FFU was popular enough to endure the series finale and continue in radio, so it tells me that story ranks a bit higher than “Spirits Within”.

As far as a “Dissidia Zero” goes, I would go with the likes of Laguna in place of characters like Squall. Gotta give me time to think of a good case to work with.

If we do get a KH character, I’m going for Sora vs. “Final Boss of KH: Birth by Sleep.”

No FFVI? Weak. And the first game was absolutely horrible, now that I think about it.

Terra’s in the Dissidia 2 I imagined, same with Warrior of Light, Firion, Onion Knight, Bartz, Zidane, and Tidus. However, their roles are more like helping the new heroes out(and fightning them)

The series finale was bumped up an episode because of the cancellation, leaving lots of plot threads hanging, and a radio CD was only produced because so many plot threads were left hanging. Radio CD’s are not exactly a measure of popularity.

Maybe. But I still think Unlimited could used within the Dissidia storyline as far as Kaze and Makenshi are concerned. Those are the only two from the anime I expect to be involved and best represent the series is their storyline is its core. Besides, this is a fan notion and I’m working with the most likely cases. And due to the nature of the world of Dissidia as revealed in Shade Impulse, spin-offs can be included.

Ideal OVERWORLD themes: Cecil/Cloud/Squall themes are the same from Dissidia.

Yuna: Memories of Lightwaves

Vann: Penelo’s theme/Sky Pirate from the East

Lightning: Fabula Nova Crystallis

Marche: Final Fantasy TA theme (A2 version)

Layle: The Sacred Haven

Kaze theme: Departing Kaze

Can be? Yes. Will be? No.

Will be? I rather go with “maybe” at the moment. Besides, nobody expected Nomura to use FF characters not designed by him in Kingdom Hearts and yet he did with Setzer and Vivi. And that in turn may be played a part in Dissidia’s conception.

Ideal VILLAIN fight themes:

Kain: Final Battle

Gilgamesh: Clash on the Big Bridge, FFXII Version

Sephiroth: Advent, One Winged Angel

Shuyin: Vegnagun Battle

Feolthanos: Esper Battle

Galenth Dysley: Fighting Fate

Remedi: Unavoidable Destiny

Jegran: Final Showdown

Makenshi: Battle to the Death (FFU finale)

So why the hell do you have FFTA characters in this and not FFT characters (although FFT characters aren’t exactly known for flipping out and getting all DBZ like other FF characters tend to)?

Especially given how the whole Ivalice Alliance thing was supposed to be set in the same (if far removed) Ivalice that FFT occurred in and not in some fantasy book land that TA1 was set in.

Ninja Edit: Also FFU is for the lulz.

I hope they fix a lot of things for Dissidia 2. I couldn’t stand playing the first one.

In light of 012 Dissidia, I decided to update my choices “prequel” wise.

Warrior of Light (FF1): Class Change/Oversoul
Firion (FF2): Blood Weapon/Fervid Blazer
Onion Knight (FF3): Job Change/Ninjutsu-Spellbook
Bartz (FF5): Job Mastered/Spellblade-Dual Wield-Rapid Fire
Zack (FF7): Buster Sword/Digital Mind Wave
Laguna (FF8): “The Fairies Have Come”/Desperado
Auron (FFX): Bushido/Spiral
Shantotto (FFXI): 2-Hour Ability/Skillchain:Fusion
Lightning (FFXIII): Omega Weapon/Zantesuken
Brandt (Heroes of Light): Hero of Light/Finale
Kaze (FFU): “Soil is my Power.”/Soil Charge Triad

-Sephiroth (FF7): Reunion/Supernova
-Gilgamesh (FF5/FFXII): “It’s Morph’n Time”/Ultimate Illusion

Garland (FF1): Class Change/Soul of Chaos
Emperor (FF2): Power of Hellfire/Absolute Dominion
Xande (FF3): ???/Meteor
Exdeath (FF5): Power of the Void/The Laws of the Universe Mean Nothing!
Genesis (FF7-CC): Genesis Avatar/Purgatorial Wave
Ultimecia (FF8): Junction Griever/Time Compression
Yunalesca (FFX): ???/???
Lady Lilith (FFXI): Lilith Ascendant/???
Dysley (FFXIII): Barthandelus/???
Rolan (Heroes of Light):???/???
Makenshi (FFU): Equipped Cross Sword/Symphony of the White Cloud

Possible choices

Marche (FFTA): Equipped Judge Sword/Combo
Layle (FFCC: Crystal Bearers): Crystal Reaction/Crystal Board
Remedi(FFTA): Li Grimore/Alpha and Omega
Jergan(FFCC: Crystal Bearers): Crystal Reaction/Jegran Arm

Killmore: A bit hard to piece FFT characters together, though Ramza and Deita are my choices as representives.