Disk Partitioning Post-Setup

When the time came to first configure my new overpriced machine, I, being an idiot, forgot to create a second disk partition while in setup. That was stupid.

Problem is, I have the fucking thing completely set up already and I REEEEEALLY don’t feel like formatting to get this done. I supposedly should be able to create a partition using the free space available (like 260GB unused) or so the help instructions tell me, but there’s an issue: When it comes to “click on an unused space and then on create new partition”, I can’t see where exactly this “free space” should be displayed.

Where am I fucking up, or is this impossible?

You have to shrink the existing partition first, which I’m not sure if you can do with the native tools available in Windows XP. If not, there are tools available, such as GParted and Partition Magic.

That worked wonders, thank you.