Disgaea questions...

When creating new characters, does their capability (Imcompetent, Average, genius, etc.) affect them in any way besides the bonus points you get when you first make them?

And also, does using special weapon techniques increase your weapon masdtery level faster than just attacking?

1 - Yes. The percentage listed for each tells you how many of your skills and how much of their experience you’ll be able to keep after the transmigration.

2 - No clue.

I’m well aware of how it works in a transmigration…I meant when creating a NEW character.

Sorry, I’m a little under the weather today. In that case, no I’m fairly sure it doesn’t.

1: Yes, it affects how their stats build up as you level them since base stats are the stats you get on level up (I believe it works this way, or you get a % of the stats when you level)