Disgaea levelling.

I’m looking for a quick-ish, easy way to level. I’m on the stage where you finally face off against Curtis (with the 150% Enemy Boost to start). I can kill the boosts fine, but it always ends up with all the enemies except Curtis dead and with only one or two near-dead allies remaining. Most of my characters are on level 40-50. Right now I’m Transmigrating Laharl as many times as I can get away with (Transmigrate, then Terrible Cold 100-lvl-enemy trick + 3X EXP, then Promoting him five times gets enough Mana to Transmigrate to Skilled again), but I don’t think it’ll be enough. Tips? Game exploits?

I remember that battle,it was hell.But th character levels are kinda low for that part of the game so but them at least in the early to mid 60’s,best place o evel up right now is the two levels before the on you are now (wichever has more enemies)after this chapter you then are going to have acess to one of the best places to level up.

I um… didn’t have any trouble at all with that map. Then again, I had driven all my characters up to lv 70+ and used the reach of my mages. If you stand far enough away, the enemies won’t come towards you.
Collect statisticians (they give you more exp) in the characters’ weapons by going through the item worlds and defeating the right kind of specialists. Going through the item worlds are good ways to level too. Otherwise beat a few Prinny Land 3 or Cave of Ordeal 1, then 2 when you’re strong enough.

as a veteran of the war of three worlds, i would like to post that i lost more than a few hairs at that stage.
Of course, i had no mages, as i was a dumbass the first cycle, but gordon (lvl50) and Laharl (lvl55) were more than a match for that stage.
also, a good place to lvl up would be any stage with a Exp boost on it. if he enemy levels are too low, try throwing and combinig them until they are a higher level and give more exp.
then bring on the hurt.

I HATE THIS F*****G MAP! i got grey hair. (i have such a bad tongue)

Whee, just got past it and am on the Sanctuary. I levelled Laharl to 72 and four others to 50 using the 5-3 trick and pwned everything.

Prinny-Curtis: Best. Character. Ever.

BTW, what’s a ‘Testament’? I’ve seen them mentioned here before. Are they like the Rosaries? (I.E. grant a large bonus to every stat).

Yes, they’re like the Rosaries, only better.

Damnit. Last level. Lamington is a bitch to kill. >:\

Psh, lightweights.

Chut up.

I must agree, my Laharl is close to level 500 and all my other characters are close to 100. At the stage you’re at, I suggest levevling up on the last episode’s first board. The believe the map is called Field of Virtue. Take all the enemies and make them all into one. If you can take it out, you’ll get double the experience. If not take them out individually if you can.

The Item World is also another great levelling place. Make Geo-panel combos on the maps with experience bonuses to level up the people who don’t kill (Clerics and other weak people).

Also, I don’t recommend transmigrating at a crazy rate. I didn’t transmigrate my Laharl until he was level 100. Then I transmigrate at double of the last transmigration. In other words, levels 200, 400, 800, etc.

I NEVER transmigrated Laharl or any of the story characters. Is there any reason to?

Yeah, they maintain most of their strength (depending of how much Mana you’ve collected), but start back at level one, meaning that if you transmigrate a character from lv. 50, and then kill something that brings you straight to lv. 15, the character is actually (not exactly, but pretty much) at lv. 65. The irritating part is of course that they’re much easier to kill before they’ve gotten a few more levels up.

It doesn’t work quite like that. Basically, stats are raised based on what the base stat was at level 1, the higher the base stat, the more stats you’ll gain per level.

then go and see Baal and the Prinny God

they are bitches! at least 4000000HP!

Actually I found a far better way of levelling than Field of Virtue. Use the Dark Congress to pass the Stronger Enemies bill as many times as you can, get the character you want to level to pass x3 EXP, then equip them with something heavy on Statisticians. I had the catgirls/succubi at level 50 indiviudally. Since there are like nine of them, plus x3 EXP, plus the EXP-boost, I was killing a level 1400 enemy everytime. Even better there’s no chance of losing, since the enemy is on the only non-Invincibility square on the level. That’s how I levelled to my 90s. I tried Field of Virtue but I found it too slow. :\ Is there a better way?

The second level of he cave of ordeal will get you to most of he highest levels.And what level are you talking about Pierson,since you din’t say the name.

It’s actually the third Cave of Ordeals map.

I knew of that, I just suggested a map that doesn’t require you to do anyting before you go to it.

Terrible Cold.