Disgaea: Hours of Darkness

Has anyone else gotton this game? It rocks! It’s like FFT but better! Well, it kinda lacks in story, but the class system is cool and the voice acting is pretty much bearable, mainly because the characters’ lips don’t move so they can’t say anything they want. Questions? Comments? Post here!

I read about it, it sounds really interesting. I wish I had more time to play…

I bought it about four days ago and it freakin rocks. I really like the rating in the job system, even if all my party members are incompetent.

I’ve considered buying it… But I think I’ll wait til it’s $20 on ebay. Besides, it’s sold out everywhere. I saw 2 copies at eb a couple days ago but they went pretty fast.

Yeah I wanted to get this game a while ago. I’ll probably wait untill it’s a lil cheaper.

What console is it on?


I’ve always loved FFT-esque games. I love the Shinning Force series and im getting FFTA this week…perhaps I’ll look this one up.

Prinny Squad…heh heh…

For those unfamiliar with them, you start with the command of (besides the main character and his vassal) a trio of penguin-demons. They shout “Dood!” a lot when they attack with their two knives (8-bit’s Black Mage stabhappy-style). They also blow up when you throw them, and can start a chain reaction with themselves.

So, yes, I have the game, and it’s magnificent. It has a GREAT sense of humor. There’s no JP, and skills are learned mostly by levelling up. It’s much less stiff than Tactics Ogre, for one. There’re the usual classes, but skills are decided more by what weapon you use than class (certain classes are more proficient with certain weapons). In battle, besides attacking and using skills, humanoids can also pick up and throw characters/monsters. This makes for some good strategy, as in one board where if I’d walked through and area I would’ve been torn to shreds, but by throwing a character past I won easily

There’s more, but it would take much to long to explain everything.

I’m not playing it now, though, 'cause I have to play through all my roomate’s stuff.

I bought it, but realistically, it’ll be a while before I play it. I gotta play through Albert Odyssey first, and I’ve had even less time to play games lately. :stuck_out_tongue: It looks great though, I can’t wait to get started.

Can’t…stop…playing…must level…up to…9999 :hahaha; . Yeah, and the Geo panel puzzles make normal hack/slash/kill everything levels into a different type of game.

Question: When you transmigrate somebody to a higher class (like Cleric to Preist) do they learn different skills? I only know of a couple of hidden classes that have specific skills.