Disgaea 2 tips

I started playing Disgaea 2 and was wondering if anyone knew any tips like how to get the samurai class. I have played Disgaea 1 so I already know the basics.

You need a lv10 warrior and a lv10 monk/fighter/whatever the punching class is called again, both female I think.

According to the official guide by DoubleJump you need a character to reach a sword proficiency of level 5. It doesn’t mention anyting about certain classes or genders. Zero, I think you were thinking of the requirements of Disgaea 1. I have both games but have yet to play Disgaea 2 myself. I have a backlog that’ll keep me busy for at least another six months.

Fullmetal, if you have any other questions that I can help you out, let me know.

D2 classes are unlocked by reaching weapon proficiency levels, not class levels. The only exception is the Majin, which is unlocked after finishing the 1st Cycle. Also, remember that even after you reach the requirements, you still need to pass the bill in the Dark Assembly.

There is a few other exceptions to that rule: Sinners require you to receive a conviction, Wisemen require a 500+ Geo Panel Combo (doesn’t have to be done at once), and Beast Masters require you to capture a monster.