Disc speed? (PS2 question)

Okay, so earlier today I was looking around my PS2’s system settinsg, wen I come across the option called “Disc Speed”, with 2 settings, “Standard” and “Fast”. Could someone tell me what this does? It’d rather not mess with it. I bought this PS2 for a LOT less than it would take to replace it.

i think it speeds up the loading of ps1 games

Simply how fast the disc spins. Effects the performance. No reason to move it off of Standard unless you’re using your PS2 only as a DVD player.

It drops load times a bit on PS1 games. If they didn’t want you screwing with it then it wouldn’t be easily accessable. Play with the othr stuff there like texture mapping, it makes some really grainy games really nice looking.

Does it have an effect on PS2 games? I’ve wondered this myself.

Okay, call me paranoid, but I’m going to ask again, nice and straight.

Will setting this thing to fast make the load times for my PS1 games decrease with no repercussions?

It is meant to be used, I use it every time I play a PS1 game on the PS2 and nothing bad has ever happened.

And Sorc, I don’t think so, or I haven’t noticed if it did.

…my day hasn;t been brightened this much since the day I heard that Miss Cleo was arrested. :yipee:

Originally posted by Sorcerer
Does it have an effect on PS2 games? I’ve wondered this myself.
Not that I’ve noticed. I’ve noticed DVDs load faster though.

I don’t use it that much. I have heard that some games have problems with the extra options, but I can’t remember which ones.

Hmm, on my PS2 there is no such setting. Stupid England.

I used it a couple of times, but normally I don’t get the chance, because by the time I remembered it, it has already started loading. Maybe I should use it more often.

PS: Buddy you must have a wierd one because my one has that feature, maybe your just not looking in the right place.

Where do I look? Because on my system configuration it’s not there.

for some reason, WA3 won’t load on my PS2, It loaded perfectly when it was downstairs in my room, but my brothers took it upstair, & now it’ll hardly load. I’m gonna have to move it back…

I always set both options (fast loading and good textures), but his has caused certain games to crash sometimes, which is a pain. It doesn’t happen all that often though.