Dirge of Cerebrus

There is a new game coming out, I believe for PS2 called FFVII: Dirge of Cerebrus. It’s a shooter that follows Vincent Valentine’s story and you find out more about him and his past as you battle Shinra through the ruins of Midgar. I think it sounds awesome. what do you guys think about it? Have you heard anything else about it?

Never heard of it.

<div align=“center”><img src=“http://www.rpgamer.com/games/ff/ff7doc/propaganda/ff7doc017.jpg”></div>

fuck you too TD

heres what i know. it takes place 1 year after the events in Advent Children and Vincent is the main character and its a shooter. heard it was gonna have some rpg elements in it. it also features Cait Sith.
i cant read too much, but from RPG Dragon’s picture of what appears to be a page from a japanese video game mag, i have learned the following. there will be 3 types of guns: handgun, machine gun, and rifle. you can change between them. something about a sniper. there will be a multiplayer mode. something about a network. cerberus is pronounced with a hard c, like “Kerberus.” a new something. many players.something about a “D.G. Elite Soldier.” villain’s name may be something along the lines of Asoor, Athoor, Asool or Athool. It mentions Reeve Tuestee, though i probably mistranslated his last name. it also mentions someone possibly named “Kett Shi,” though again, i am not too sure on the translation. Kett appears to have something to do with a company called WRO, he is possibly the leader.
thats about all ive learned from the picture, but its more than i previously knew about the game. its giving me a headache, though, so im stepping away.
sayonara for now.

Heres what i know. SE can’t be bothered to make any new games that are half-decent, so they have to cash in on the success of their older games, remake them, and milk them dry just to stay alive.

You just now are hearing about this?

I heard about it back in december, and i couldnt wait till it came out. I hate knowing about games coming out that dont come out for a long time…It pisses me off.

Ragnarok: Thanks for the info (assuming you’re correct.)

Is that guy in the picture supposed to be Vincent BEFORE he was transformed? Hope not!

Vincent is my favorite FF7 character and having him star in a new game is great to me, except I suck at shooters. Still, I might give it a try if I hear enough good things about its gameplay.

no, the guy in the picture with the big gun and purple-ish hair is not Vincent. i assume “transformed” refers to the expirements done by Hojo in ffvii, and remind you that Vincent was a normal human before the tests.
here’s an exerpt from a magazine article from awhile ago.

"Story specifics are unknown, except that a group known as the ‘Deep Ground Soldiers’ are up to no good and it’s your job to stop them. All of this takes place three years after the events in FFVII. " -PSM February 2005, issue 94, page 35.

also acording to this article, there will be some stealth involved. in one small picture in the same article, i see vincent shooting at two armed men in what the writers jokingly call “tron costumes.” behind him is a triangular banner that reads, "Hotel Kalm."also, i seem to recall something about an auto-targeting system from another news article.

Ragnarok: No, I meant the guy with the mustache. It could be Reeves, too, but I don’t think so.

And is the girl with the cross-sword supposed to be Yuffie??? 0_0

The blue guy is Reeve.

Wil, relax. Cerberus and Advent Children are using the same designs so the real characters shouldn’t look too different from the game. It’s pretty obvious that it isn’t Yuffie anyway. If that IS Reeve though, he looks older.

Hm… there’s some program you can download from the Dirge website. I might talk to sonoko about it, see what she says about it.

Add the “T”
Wha… Starstorm’s pooped?.. Anyways, the Offical Sites mentions has a β(Greek Letter Beta) with 2005 - 9 - 1 (www.playonline.com/dcff7) and there is a Mention of Playstaion BB Unit… BroadBand unit? for multiplayer. (Beta Testing For DC’s MMORPG? Download for PS2 and PC?) There is a Flash Video at http://www.square-enix.co.jp/games/ps2/dcff7/ Which features A Blue tank top Yuffee (with a few lines to Vincent), Cid, and what appears to be Tifa and Barret in a Van, which Launches a Bike Like Cloud’s But the Biker is unknown, I can not work out who it is. There is Cait Sith, (The Black thing on top not the deformed Moogle).

I beleve the Nickname “Vincent May Cry” for the fighting Style is true, with an empaisis to the Gun.

i dont think its Yuffie either. i dont know who it is, because i dont see a name. but a caption under the small picture of the character starts with “Yatara to Vinsento.” Vinsento obviously means Vincent, but “yatara to vinsento” may mean “Yatara and Vincent.” but i dont see vincent in the picture and as far as i know, yatara may just be an ordinary word, not the character’s name.
as for Reeve, yes the man in the blue is Reeve. the small pictures of him in the lower right-hand corner do mention Reeve in their caption. as for Reeve loking older, i remind you that this game takes place one year after the events in AC and 3 years after the original game.
and apparently, Kett Shii, is actually just my translation for what someone else named Cait Sith. Never woulda guessed.
and apparently the handgun is very something. i cant read the rest of the sentence, but they seem pretty excited about it. they used 2 !'s.
so you know how to write it: Reeve’s name is the one written under the purple circle and directly to the left of the red writing. its spelled “Riibu.” and pronounced “Reebu” in japanese.
Vincent’s nameis written in brown to the right of the red writing, just under the circle witha picture of his face in it. but the page apparently got cut off, because you cant see it too well but the first character in his name is supposed to have marks similar to " next to it.
just thought it’d be fun to know.

ive visited this site and unfortunatlely dont have a japanese language pack installed. dont know where to get one. Anyways, the site mentions a beta test of the game. at the top of the home page it says “as for Dirge of Cerberus- Final Fantasy VII’s multiplayer mode, [something i cant read] it is PlayOnline.” 9-1-2005 is the date for something, probably regarding Beta Service.
click here for 2 screenshots of multiplayer mode. the first screen is from the Lobby, the second is of the battlefield.
there was also some stuff, some of which i could read.
it mentions a company, a soldier, president and deep ground. it mentions missions and becoming some sort of soldier. it also says, “here, to you.” but other than that i cant read much.

more news. apparently, you can do a magic shot woth the l1 button or something and you can turn into the things like his limit break. in multiplayer mode you fight as a soldier.

This is A screen cap of the Video on the Site.

I think that is a Pallete swaped Yuffee.

what do you mean it can’t be half decent? the only FF game i’ve seen them screw over at all was chains of prometheus…that one sucked. from the few screenshots i’ve seen, it looks quite good. if you want a series that has shot itself in the face with the remaking, look at the pokemon series. they make the same game in two colors at a time, then add a new feature or two and change the color again…repeat…repeat again…etc. all i’m sayin is that the main character is vincent and it’s a shooter…they’ll have to try hard to screw that one up.