Dirge of Cerberus Original Soundtrack first impressions

For the second time since FFX-2, Uematsu is not given music duty on an FF title. Dirge of Cerberus is one of the FFVII Compilation projects in which starts Vincent Valentine in a First-Person Shooter/Action hybrid. For this title, Masashi Hamauzu (SaGa Frontier II, Unlimited : SaGa, Musashi II, etc…) was selected and crafted what may be the best Square-Enix OST in recent years.

Instead of arranging some of Uematsu’s original material, Hamauzu chose to do everything from scratch and approached it in a much darker style than we are used to from him.
If any comparisons can help, it would be a melding of Unlimited : SaGa’s beauty and Vagrant Story’s darkness. Also new to a Final Fantasy soundtrack, 70% of the tracks are performed by a live orchestra and just screams professionalism. Gackt’s songs are fortunately placed at the end of the soundtrack, so they don’t break the flow of the more serious tracks.

Fan of Hamauzu or not, the soundtrack is definitely worth checking out, even if only for the relation with the FFVII world. Unless you can’t stand an orchestra, there is no reason to pass it up.


Cool. I will find it and sample it and get back with you. And thank you for describing something without making it sound ultimate or using any exclamation points, as it makes your opion much easier to swallow than some, lol.