Difficulties retrieving data from burnt DVDs

Some time ago, I burned some .avi files to a rewritable DVD in the form of data. Earlier this evening, I tried to take some things off it by opening the CD via My Computer and dragging them to my desktop. One such file was transferred with little difficulty, but for the next one, I got an error message about halfway through the transfer. This continued to happen when I tried it again.

Anyone know what might be the problem, or if there’s a better way to copy the files?

EDIT: The exact message is “Data error (cyclic redundancy check)”.

Hmm…it’s possible this is an error on the computer’s part. (Google for more info) Or possible corruption that occurred when burning.
If you really need it, there’s software that recover files from CD/DVDs that get that error.
I had it happen to me a few times when I was trying to burn Valkyrie Profile (due to the unique nature of the discs).

Catch-all error message for “Data is fuxxxored”. It means that the data copied was inconsitent with what was supposed to be copied, i.e. the information received is corrupted.

A possibility is that it was an error on the machine’s side (Some other process overworked the machine and caused a glitch, or the reader brainfarted and read incorrectly), in which case you could just try again until it works. Far, FAR more likely is that the disk is simply scratched or otherwise terminally compromised, in which case you are kinda boned, especially likely since you were able to copy one file but not another. Can you actually read that file from the disk (I.E. can you watch the .avi reading it from the disk)?.

EDIT: Now that I remember, you had this exact same problem installing a game and if I’m right you said it just started working at some point, so maybe it IS the reader… my money is still on the disk though.