Did you make your bracket yet?

Gamefaqs is having another video game character popularity contest like they had last summer. (Cloud’s a first seed, cool). My results are the same as last year, I have Link winning again. But I went out on a limb for a few of them. How about you guys? Did you fill out one yet?

yep. I filled one out, and I also picked Link to win (seeing as how he won last year)

I’d be sure Samus will kick everyone’s ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even notice that Samus was in the contest… Shows how much I pay attention.

Samus will win, or at least make it to the semi-finals.

i didn’t participate in the last one, i won’t in this one…

Link will probably win. I just hope that Snake does better this year.

I chose Link to win, even though I would have liked Samus.

Well Samus will probably do a whole lot better this year since the new Metroid games came out. A lot of my friends were like “Who’s Samus” on SSBM.

I should start a gamefaqs gambling pool and rake in millions of poor children’s shinies due to my insanely good oddsmakers.

I remember that the “odds” got posted last time.

I think the servbot got like 100000000:1 odds or something. Fitting since his first match was agaist Mario.

I won’t fill out a bracket (seeing as my little brother did one before me), but I will take part in discussions about it on the GameFAQs board, as well as others.

Last year we had a thread that stayed here all summer.

I made mine. I’ve got a final 4 of KOS-MOS, Mario, Aeris and Snake. I picked KOS-MOS to win it all over Mario. I’m probably way off but hey, you never know.

KOS-MOS? Who the hell? looks Xenosaga? Oh never played it.

Any way my final four were Cloud, Snake, Mario, and Link. I have Link beating Cloud, and Snake (went out on a limb here) beating Mario. ANd Link wins.

But who get’s your “What the hell is that guy doing there?” award? Mine goes to… Mr. resetti. I mean… Animal Crossing? What?

My Bracket.

Never mind

What’s wrong with my votes?

Huh, nothing. We just voted differently. And I definitely did not have Samus going all the way.