Did they make a stroy flaw in FF7? SPOILER!

In Cloud’s flashback at Kalm, he states that he saw his mother in Nibelheim again, and she died not so long after he left…
Didn’t she simply die in the fire?

I know Cloud made up his own story, but this just doesn’t fit into ANY story. Is it just me, the translation, or did Square make a minor boo-boo?

Umm, Cloud was kinda schizophrenic at the time he told about the Nibelheim incident. Besides, it kinda fits.

Maybe… But still, I always found that odd… In any possible story, the true one, Cloud’s one, or even Sephiroth’s screwed up view on it, she died in the flames, not ‘some time afterwards…’

I could be wrong, but didn’t he even say she died of an illness?
(Damn, i need a game script… anybody know where to get one?)

Okay, maybe you don’t quite understand. Cloud was wicky in the wacky woo when he told that story, so he didn’t get everything right! If he went to visit her when he was just an MP, then his story wouldn’t coincide with it, since he THOUGHT he was a SOLDIER then.

True… But (sorry for yet another ‘but’):

When he said later on it that same story she died in the fire (he walked into her house and shook his head), wouldn’t there be Barret or Aeris or Red (Tifa not, ofcourse), who’d say: "hey, a minute ago you said she died some time after you left!’

Did Square give it away right there already? Or did they not see it?

“Some time later” may very well be “one day later”. It’s a vague expression that can be interpreted multiple ways.

If he had SAID how she’d die, anyway, when he met her a few days/weeks later (We don’t know how much time Sephiroth spent down in Shinra Mansion’s Basement), it’d ruin the impact of the story he was telling everyone.

Good point. I guess that comment should answer my question, then. :wink: Thank you