Did I mention...

… that I work at a museum part time nowadays?

And did I mention that we host children’s parties every other Saturday?


And nobody warned me that there would be one this week. Curse you, (probably just as oblivious) co-worker who traded me this Saturday! I wasn’t supposed to work today!

I’m still recouperating from hosting a party a couple of weeks ago with 14 hyperactive seven year olds. At least there were only six of them this week, but…
Oh, and bonus points because it’s a vehicle museum with lots of stuff to climb on, tall stuff and concrete floor and WHATTHEHELLDIDITELLYOUABOUTCLIMBING OHGODGETDOWNFROMTHERE!!

Pity meee :thud: flop

at least you HAVE a job. i’ll trade you.

Oh yeah, I’m certainly not complaining about that. It’s just the hellion parties that make me want to run screaming.

Go get 'em, SG!

I know people who worked at summer camp. Every day was like that.

Use the Whip, Weii! :wink:

Those crotch dumpings can be a real pain in the ass.:smug:

(Ninja Edit: Oh hey! The smileys are back to normal.)

The parents are pretty rotten to not help you keep them off of everything.

I know the feeling Weilla. Hang in there. I wanted to be an elementary school teacher until I acutally tried to teach one of their afterschool classes. I just didn’t have the patience, which is sad coming from someone like me who spent much of my childhood waiting in a doctor’s office.

I love kids, but kids in large numbers cancel out their positives and magnify their negatives exponentially. Each additional child increases the brattiness of nearby children by 20% (stacking multiplicitavely). Almost makes me glad I work in a casino where I don’t have to worry about that, although not quite glad enough to qualify as job satisfaction.

Why would a little kid want to have a birthday party at a car museum?

I’ll trade you! I’ve always wanted to work at a museum. *Envy.

We’re not exactly a car museum, and we have a lot of children’s stuff like a big playroom and free entry until you hit 19, so a lot of families with kids come here on especially rainy days.

Suppose the parents feel like they don’t need to help much when the price is about $12 per kid. They’ve paid me to deal with everything. Boo.

The job is nice apart from that though :slight_smile: I love giving guided tours because I can do it my way and they encourage making it fun instead of strictly informative.

It’s not as if kids like playing with cars.

Ah, devious! That’s the small stuff writers make their villains do in their early years to establish their character :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of which, villains’ childhoods are neglected.

At least if Sat was taxing, the new week can only be better.

I don;t like kids personally. But I like entertaining them to a degree. Hence why I’m currently taking the Children’s Theatre Tour again for free at college. I still would rather go the rest of my life never having to worry about a crotch dumpling of my own.