Did I ever tell you guys...

… how much I love you? :kissy:

Not to get sappy, but I’m taking off to Germany for that course this Saturday, and I’m trying very hard not to be freaked out of my mind. I’m not really the kind of person who actually applies to something like this, and I think that when I applied I didn’t really believe that I would be accepted. I’m not the kind of person who uproots her entire life and heads out into the unknown, becasue I 1) am scared of travelling 2) don’t like big cities - and the place I’m going to? Twice the population of Sweden, just THAT area.

I realized just now that one of my actual fears is that I’ll end up in a group of people who have absolutely no interest in any of the things that I like to do. This happened the first time I moved out of home and went to an artschool that I ended up hating like nothing before. I was absolutely miserable. Then what happened? I found a not-that-little message board somewhere on the internet, on a friendly little site with a blue background, filled with nerdy, nice people. Way to help me pull through that horrible year of my life, everyone. Though I don’t think I ever told you how depressed I actually was. I don’t even think that I myself realized how depressed I actually was until afterwards.

Anyway. I’m older now, and I’m going to be living in a student house. There’s oughta be a bunch of nerds around. I’m psyching myself up with that thought. That’s not the point, it’s me being mushy and looking back on things all those… six years ago and thinking that maybe I never told all of you how much you meant to me, primarily but not only those I spent hours chatting with.
Oh yeah, I just failed not to be mushy. And maybe I did tell you already, but what the hey.

I’ll tell ya’ll hi from Germany as soon as possible, my lovelies. :3

Hey, I’m not nice! :smiley:

I hope it all goes well for you, and I hope that you enjoy your big adventure.

If it makes you feel any better, I have never in my life known a single person IRL who shares a single one of my hobbies. That’s why I hang out online in the first place. 8p

That’s a good opportunity for you to work on points 1) and 2). :chupon:

Have fun 'n stuff. glomps teh Weiila Keep in touch!

Awww. :3

Have a safe trip to Germany, and have fun!

Have fun.

You can choose the people you hang out with, silly. All of them needn’t be interested in what you like, they just have to accept its importance to you.

You’re a bit scared, everyone is. Have fun coughGermany theatrescough

It’s Germany. You’ll like it. <3
phones all her friends to ding-dong ditch Weiila <.< bwahaha.

Live long and prosper! _\V/

Good luck in Germany, hope you like it there. :smiley:

Germany is cool. Have fun! :slight_smile:

My travelling for this summer is over. ;_; Now I just sit around doing naw-theeng.

I’d love sitting around doing nothing.

I know you want to be like the German’s Weiila, but do you really have the strength of will?!

Also, it’s good to know others have had similar experiences with this place. It is pretty fun. :slight_smile:

Also, enjoy your time there!

Well, look at it like this:
If the city has twice the population of Sweden, then there has to be someone there interested in the same things as you.

Otherwhise you would just have to MAKE them interested.
Most easily done by bringing along the Interest-O-Matic 3000 (which may or may not be a baseball bat used to make people fake interest through the application of blunt trauma to various sensitive parts of the body. No further comments ;P).