did anyone notice the thong?

hey, rikku has a thong huh?

Anyone who didn’t notice it should be considered legally blind.

Good grief Charlie Brown

She also has an irritating voice, her attack animations actually take longer to execute than any of the other girls in FFX-2 (meaning, it takes her longer to use a Phoenix Down or other item), she talks the most out of any girl during battle, and MP stealing/destroying abilities don’t do anything in FFX-2 because enemies don’t actually consume MP! Did you notice those things too?

Never speak ill of Rikkurikku!
clutches Rikku doll

Yunalesca has a thong too. But she’s a thousand years old so she’s allowed.

Yunalesca x Rikku Yuri!


And Paine has one in her theif outfit and she also wears heels so her name is somewhat of a pun.

wrp 2 pr0n plz

i just started playing 10-2 today… yeah, i like the thong. Why do you think Rikku’s job hasnt changed from Thief yet ? Yuna’s almost mastered Bard, and Paine did come BLM…

How about Rikku from 10 x Rikku from 10-2 yuri ??

Here’s my favourite Rikku pic:

<img src=“http://www.h3.dion.ne.jp/~splan/gallry/rikku.jpg”>

Umm, that’s a fine battery of Ribbons there.


Rikku’s thong may be the one defining element of FFX-2.
It symbolises the freedom and right to express yourself. Plus it dosen’t hurt to kick some monster ass while doing it.

Also, it sells games.
P.S. does Yuna wear a thong in her thief outfit?

Hey! You know who else has a thong?


Kuja has a thong?
that’s not freedom, that’s just disturbing.
Oh man! Now you got me thinking about it!

Look, its a girl i know, dressed as Rikku

Holy shit, that looks like Fiona (Hades’ girlfriend >>)

Lol, what the hell is she wearing on her feet? They look like liners for snow boots. :stuck_out_tongue: