Dickens. I need Dickens.

My english teacher told me to read Dickens, any book would be fine but I’ve never read anything from him. Suggestions?

And the length doesn’t matter, I can read the Bible in a few hours.

<u>David Copperfield</u>
<u>A Tale of Two Cities</u>
<u>A Christmas Carol</u>
<u>Great Expectations</u>
<u>Hard Times</u>

Those are the more popular ones.

I must state that I absolutely loathe Great Expectations. It’s probably my least favorite book ever.

A Tale of Two Cities is the best book EVER!

Read that.

A Tale of Two Cities it is, thanks.

I noticed this thread a little late, but I’d recommend “Oliver Twist” as your first pick. If you like that, try “Our Mutual Friend.”

Project Gutenberg: Charles Dickens.

Oliver Twist is good, but it’s easier to just watch Oliver & Company. Plus, Oliver & Company has a cute kitten in it (Not to mention Billy Joel and Cheech Marin)…

Keep away, keep awaaaaay.