Diablo II anyone?

Well, yeah, anyone still play?

Nope. My level 50/60 (I forget) necro still has all my equipment though.

USEast: Pyresun
Password: Pyresun (or it could be pierson I forget).

First to get there can have all my shit.

No thanks man, i’m looking for people to play with, not items.

Man, I’d play… but it’d probably just be another week-long enthusiasm that burns out quickly.

When I get my cpu back to full speed I’m back on… but I’ll be playin the European server

Do you have any single-player characters? If so, I like a Level 40 Assassin that I’ve been meaning to take out of retirement.

I was playing when another topic was made, about a new ladder season, but since then, I just haven’t played. If I get on, it’s just to keep my characters alive.

But I’ll give you my info anyways.

Account name: StarAboveMyBed

Only every once in a while, Euro: Urkani

Well, due to my active job style, i’ll just start using characters from single player on open, so i’ll let you all know when I get one of those with a few levels under their belt.

That’s what I like about single player; If I don’t play for awhile (which happens quite often), I know my guys will still be there. ^^

Drop me a line when you get close to Level 40, kay?

Sure thing, be warned though: I’m trying something i’ve never before attempted, the elemental Druid. I got one to level 18 once and he was rockin, but i’ve never seen a high level one before, and i’m hoping I don’t figure out the reason for that:P

I still play it, but only the open my character is a lvl 60ish barb :stuck_out_tongue: and i’m also lookin for some people to go one wit some time, how bout all of us that have it go on some time that’ll rock :cool: peace out

It’s been my experiance that while there are some builds that work better than others, there are few that don’t work period.

'sides, you’d compliment my Assassin nicely; I didn’t get any traps.

Well, I hope this isn’t one of those that doesn’t work, but we’ll see. I think once I start getting up in level it’ll continue to work well just so long as I keep around a merc that compliments me. The only thing that’ll save my ass most of the time is going to be my summons.

well id say i will play it but, THE GAME CRASHESD, so sorry :frowning:

i only played d2 in the classic version, i never liked the expansion. blizzard ruined d2 ,imo, when it came out with 1.10 patch. i had a 98 sor and 97 zon. both were legit. super godly LEGIT shit. my sor was UNBEATABLE by other sorcs unless they had items from expansion. after the patch came out both my characters were losing to people 30 levels below them all the time. :bowser: :bowser: :bowser:

Exactly, I got my new comp and roadrunner, played some D2, got my Druid to lvl74…and I dont feel like playing it at all…

I haven’t played that game for 2 years now… My 50+ SOJs and 2 ohm Grandfather swords are gone now… I MISS MY ITEMSSSSS!!!

I personally think that its incredibly lame that your characters expire…I’ve lost MANY characters to the 90 day expiration. :thud:

I’ve said it before, I will say it again. THIS is why I play open! I havn’t played D2 for a looong time, and when I decide to pick it up again, I will know that my Lv40 Assasin will still be there!