Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Anyone interested in playing multi-player? If so, just let me know :slight_smile:

People still play that?

I just recently purchased it about 2 months ago. If anyone is interested in playing, let me know at what times you’d be available and your character name.

Man you’re late. I haven’t hit the blood moore in like 3 years. I dont think I even have that game anymore.

Well, I’m pretty interested in buying the battle box, granted my graphics card works.

Maybe some time next year?

I have Diablo II, although I have lent it to a friend for a good while. I shall probably get it back when I finish my MA, which will be in April. After that, I shall be happy to play alongside you.

I’ll do it if I can find my CD. It’s gonna be hard to endure some of the shit involved, particularly useless melee. I’ll use a sorceress.

I’l see if I ge it again. I killed Diablo a handful of times but never got to Bhaal.

Anyone still up for this? I’m usually available to play 12AM-3AM if anyone’s still interested.

I still got my copy here. I get home from work around 12:30, so… I guess we can give it a try.

I played this game for almost 6 years before FINALLY deleting it off my hard drive. I really don’t want to get into it again, its like freaking crack.

omg stupid n00b dun necropostz lozl

And yeah, no Diablo for me. I uninstalled it the other day, but I already told you that privately. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m definitely down for 12, or whenever I get home, to 3, or later. What realm are you guys on?

Is possible we’ll try to do this tomorrow.

Ok, US East server, name will be RPGClassics, password will be “spiderbait.” That cool with everyone?

Alright sweet. I probably won’t be on tonight until like… either really late, or not on at all. But, we definitely should start this up

:\ If I hadn’t pirated to reinstall, I would. (My ex has the setup CD and the code, ick.)

Ok, that password is too long, so we’re just gonna change it to <b>spiderbait</b>. I’ll join in the game when I know other people will be on :slight_smile:

I won;t be able to join until Monday. TOo much going on this week. if this is a problem, I can sit this out, then.

Its fine with me.

It’s an epidemic.