Devillion was right

…when he said that I’d soon be making I HATE MY JOB posts after I got hired, 4 months ago. Well, even though it took awhile, I officially do hate my job! Here’s why:

Our staff is given a set amount of hours that we are to divide between the three of us. I usually get the least amount of hours, because one has seniority and another is the manager. I’m okay with that. I’m cool with the steady amount I’ve had for the past month.


They hired someone new, to share between our store and another store (same company). When I found out, I was quite upset (but didn’t show it) because that meant more competition for me in the selling, plus, I was worried about how badly my schedule would get played with. The latter didn’t bother me as much as it could have, because my manager told me a couple weeks ago that our head offices were expanding our hour budgets each week, and we could all (especially me) get a few more hours in each week.


Apparently our head offices took that away, and my shifts are split in half, with this fucking new girl. To top it off, they gave her my one best shift (next Saturday, I rarely work Saturdays, but they are the best days ever for selling) and then my hours go down. That means, instead of 20 hours, I’m going down to 8, and she will have 9. I don’t mean to bitch about the one hour difference but uh, is that supposed to be telling me something? I don’t think that this is fair at ALL, since she will also work at another store, racking up more hours. I don’t have that opportunity. To put the icing on the cake, the week after that, I will be left with 6 hours, and she will have 8, effectively surpassing me.

I am SO FUCKING MAD. Talk about being spit on. I am now actively working on a new resume and scouting for jobs. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time, because it seems like the job bank sucks at this time of year (especially with students getting out). I want to give my two weeks notice on Monday when I see my manager. Or just quit outright. Do you guys think that this is fair? What would you do? Do I seem like a failure for just crying about it and then leaving? Because that’s what I’m going to do. Hey sorry, I’m better than 6 hours a week.

I’m not asking to be persuaded, because that would be just as dumb as making a relationship thread and asking you guys how I can get myself a girlfriend or something. I just want opinions, as usual. Or sympathy? whimper

Go ahead and put in your two weeks, seeing as how with the new schedule, it won’t really cut into your time for searching for a new job. (Wow, most poorly worded sentence ever.)

It’s totally not fair to have your hours cut by more than half without any decent prior warning, or reasonable compensation, or any other options. If it were me, I’d probably do the same thing.

Ta. The reason why I found out so suddenly is that I looked at the schedule in advance. No other words than “We’re hiring someone else” were mentioned.

Who in the upper management is she sleeping with?

I don’t know, but its too late for me to put out

Not so much crying and leaving as it is assesing your situation and cutting your losses before they become a hindreance.

I mean, if there’s about to be a big rush of “kids out of school” competing in the job market, then its probably best to quit now and get something else lined up before the new “competition” beats you to the punch.

And, hey, it’s not like you’re giving up much at this job currently anyway, since you’ve been cut out of so much already.

Never at my business.

I knew it.

That sucks, it almost seems like they’re forcing you out. On the one hand, you could quit and get a better job, but on the other, you could ignore the hint and piss them off by staying on :stuck_out_tongue:

And didn’t you work in an animal rescue before? Maybe you could try getting a job in some field that has to do with animals, because that seems like a specialized area, and wouldn’t be so inudated with students.

Jobs suck, just sell cans to the recyling center like the cool people do

Yeah, I was going to get away from the animal rescue thing since it broke my heart, but I’d rather be doing some good, than trying to sell 80 dollars worth of clothes every hour. Now, a pet store or shelter or farm is the only place I’d feel comfortable.

Oh and I will never touch recycled cans, my delicate little fingers can do better. Although I support recycling, I’ll let my mom do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Give her a beating!

That’s your answer to everything Nul. >:(

Give your two weeks notice when you get hired. :slight_smile:

It works.

…only until you meet someone bigger, stronger and faster than you Nul. Then you have to pay people.

That sucks. Hope you find a job better or she gets fired for incompetence; thus, giving you your hours back.

You might get lucky. Back when I was in highschool a friend of mine talked about his coworker who got fired for shoplifting from another store in the mall on his break. Just hope she’s a thief.

Im so set on getting the hell out of there now anyway, so good luck to her. I hope she gets all of the frustrating customers like I did :slight_smile:

Or the scary woman who you dealt with so well.

Haha oh I totally forget about that. Yeah let’s see how Ms New Girl measures up to scary shoplifters! Yeah!