Devil May Cry 3 Info + Images

Capcom has released first details of its PS2 action adventure game Devil May Cry 3, the story takes place before Devil May Cry 1, in which Dante does not know about his true origin. The game will have more stylish action features than the first game, Dante is able to choose from a number of styles, such as gunslinger, swordmaster, trickster, royal guard and so on. Each style has its uniqueness and disadvantages. There will be a second playable character, who is a female character. Devil May Cry 3 will build on a new graphic engine, which allows more realistic visual and lighting effects.

Screenshots located at the link

<s>Nice pants.</s> This game looks awesome. :yipee:

I second that.

<strike>Nice shoes</strike> As long as it’s not like 2 was. Ick.

As long as it has a good plot, it should be perfect, especially with all those new things that they have added.

Looks nice hope it’s as good as the first.

DMC1 was a bit better than 2 imo, but 2 was still pretty fun.