Desycnhed audio in media?

I’m having a weird problem. A friend of mine sent me an AVI file, upon which the audio is desynched several seconds with the video. It’s a subtitled episode of an anime (Soul Eater, for all it matters), which makes the desynchronization particularly noticeable.

Normally, my media player of choice is Media Player Classic, but I tried several different ones (WMP, VCL player, and Winamp) and they all had the same problem.

Here’s the weird part: The friend who sent me the file is having none of these problems. She uses the same media player and has the same codec pack (K-Lite), but she’s encountering none of the problems that I am.

My first thought is that it’s some kind of problem with my settings, but I have no idea where to look for this sort of thing, or what to adjust. Can anyone here provide me with some information? I seriously have no idea where to start looking.

I had this problem once when I was watching this anime that uses a Daft Punk album as it’s sound…interstella 5555 I think its called.

For me, it was that there was too much stuff running in the background so it was slowing the computer, so the video was running at a different pace than the sound.

I don’t think that was the problem I was having. The only other things that were running were AIM and Firefox.

I’ve had this happen a number of times. Some where between your friend and your computer the file probably became corrupt. Try downloading it from the email again, if that doesn’t work have her send it to you again. If that doesn’t work, flash drive is probably your best bet.

On rare occasions it been the media player itself that causes the corruption. Try opening it up in Real Player first. If it’s messed up try it in Media Player. Sometimes I have to try a couple different players on the same file before it’l work.

You could try dowloading it again. I’ve had friends with differeent ISP’s than me that have had problems downloading stuff like this, they do something to mess up downloads to discourage p2p stealing of stuff. Hope this isn’t such a case.

I had her send me the file again, but it was still messed up. I’m going to have her try uploading it somewhere. Stay tuned!

What’s your processor speed? Do you know how the video file was encoded?

Also, if you’re using Vista, your video codecs may not be up to date depending on when you got your computer.