Desktop Thread #8472

It was just so cute I had to show you all. Everyone post your desktops too so this doesnt get closed or moved.

I would I, just don’t know how.

Still at

Might as well…
Well what did you expect from me? (My other one was too sad to keep using, Dai knows which picture I had ;_; )

Enjoy ^^;

As always, you can check my sig for my latest desktop =)

<img src=“”>

So beautiful, no?

Sexy Neko Bishie!

Same desktop as last time

<a href=“”>Well, here’s this month’s for me.</a> :stuck_out_tongue:
GO HEERO! I don’t care <b>WHAT</b> you think about my <a href=“”>Fei</a> one either!!!

Originally posted by Urkani
Same desktop as last time

BROKEN LINK. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seph, you have to make the pics flow better rather than just pasting them wherever there’s room.

Fucking Yahoo, this one should work.

Urk, another broken link.

& Xelo, they look right to me…& I’ll get better at wallpaper building the more wallpapers I make.
Himeko is actually WAY better than me, but she hasn’t uploaded her wallpapers to the wallpapers section of my site, which she is in charge of.

Works fine for me, Urk.

Same as before… or is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just imagine This background, and an Internet Explorer and SNES9X icon, and that’s my desktop for this month.

Dear God!

Val, that HAS to be hard on the eyes!

Charlie, I’m SURE that desktop is pornographic, but I can’t figure out WHAT or HOW? O-o