Desktop Dungeons, the Ten-Minute Roguelike

Like roguelikes, but dislike sinking time into them?

Desktop Dungeons is a roguelike (or perhaps a puzzle disguised as one) designed to be played in sessions of ten minutes or less. However, there’s still a lot to the game. With many different ways to play, it’s easy to get lost in. Even if you’re not a big fan of the genre (like myself) you may find something to enjoy.

This game is addictive. Addictive like coffee mixed with the blood of my enemies! Hard, though.

Very hard. Protip: Out of the first-tier classes, Thief is probably the easiest to win with (especially a Halfling or Gnome thief). I can’t think of any other RPG-style game wherein that’s the case.

I’m trying to beat the normal dungeon with a bloodmage and it’s damned near impossible because the bloodmage sucks. <_<;

Honestly, the thing that most impresses me out of this thread is fucking tvtropes. Seriously. It’s like some kind of glorious gutter for the love and hate wikipedia washes away, with all the intolerability of user-generated content and all the honesty of not making any pretense of being remotely correct/factual about anything at all ever.

Permadeath is obviously the first thing on a page about roguelikes. As for DD, I’ll give it a try later.

Bloodmage was the last class I beat the normal dungeon with. And you are correct. Bloodmage does suck. For me, it made it rather satisfying to finally be able to accomplish it.

How did you beat it with a bloodmage? What race did you use? I figure you have to either go for Halfling or Gnome, because potions are so integral to them. The problem is that if you go with Halfling so that you can heal yourself after using a mana potion, you don’t have enough mana potions. If you go with Gnome, you don’t have enough healing potions so you don’t die from the mana potions. It’s idiotic. <_<;

I actually went Elf, so that the mana potions I used would be worth more. A little bit of luck helps too, of course. If there’s an altar for Mystera Annur or the Pactmaker, that helps a lot.

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Oddly enough, when I beat it with an Orc Blood Mage I got the Glowing Guardian early. There were a lot of undead, snakes and bandits. The boss was a wraith. I got an amulet to protect from Mana burn. I also had APHEELSIK, LEMMISI, and BURNDAYRAHZ. After so many difficult runs, this one was actually pretty easy.

APHEELSIK can help against bosses a lot if you’re lucky enough to get into a state to damage them early. Good work! :cool:

Well, I used the LEMMISI trick with the wraith boss (it wouldn’t normally work with the wraith, but I was immune to mana burn): Cast APHEELSIK on enemy. Hit them. When your health is low, cast LEMMISI until fully healed- it costs 3 mana and regenerates 3 mana. An awesome combo for monks. Since I was playing an orc, when I ran out of mana potions I got rid of LEMMISI and leveled up. One dead boss… meleed by a blood mage. :slight_smile: