Describe Your Room!

Why not take a writing excersize and apply it right here in the media forum? We’ll see if anyone approves. This is a very simple task:

Describe your room in one paragraph, bitch! slap

I’ll start.

A whirlwind of papers and books carpet the plain brown floors, an orgiastic display of sloppy lustmaking. The books in the shelves (neatly arranged by author and title) scowl in disdain at the scene on the flor, remarking how they’d never let themselves go like that in THEIR day. A desktop lamp stares at all from above the bookcase, laying its watchful eye upon the restless, unmade bed. The closet looms in the corner, sulking at the rest of the scene. It has had enough of all of them, oh yes it has! A menacing aura of jealousy permeates from inside its door, with board games and coloring books forgotten longing to come out and play in the light again.

Right now, my room is a bed and a dozen cardboard boxes. I just moved this weekend and I haven’t unpacked yet.

the room was small. couldn’t have been more than 10x10, if that. the place had also been trashed by the occupant. one could hardly see the floor through the cloak of junk and clothing left lying about. a desk in the corner was piled with junk, as was a dresser in the opposite corner. the bed, a loft, lay unmade, the shelves at the end stacked with cds, books and various things long since forgotten by their owner. there were also several model airplanes hanging from the ceiling, all models from the 2nd world war. there was a poster of a blue corvette on the wall opposite a window in the other wall. due to recent events, there were now several scattered elctronic components lying about on the desk. nothing was as it should have been, but it was home.

A clump of trash in the corner. Electric, snakelike tendrils creeping from a flashing box to a metallic, blue-glowing case. An orange grail next to a loud, metallic cube. A bed sits with a grandchild of a lute laying across it. Flush with blue, a sheet covers it, and drab pillows ordane the top. Then there’s a shitty TV with my PS2, VCR, and S-Video attached.

Mess. Swords, papers, 2 beds (one 10 feet off the ground) undeneath that bed I have my little cubby hole, with a tv, ps2, laptop, dvd player, desktop computer. One half of my room is taken up by my amp and guitar and the other half, by furniture and the aforementioned beds and swords.

what kind of guitar do you have? i’ve got an ibanez bass and some other guitar i haven’t played in a while…and an amp for both.

My room has black curtains to block out the sun (this allows for long sleep ins!). The walls are littered with band posters, flags, various art projects and a few miscelaneous items. My bed sits in a corner, next to my guitar, which is next to my computer desk, which is next to my printer, which is next to my other corner, which is attached to the closet! There’s a fan on a chair, with another guitar and a fretless bass behind the chair. There’s a bass amp and a guitar amp sitting next to the chair, and next to that chair resides my 150+ music albums. And guess what? There’s a tv desk next to that which has my tv, vcr, dvd player, and ps2 all on one thing. And of course next to my bed is my Jackson King V sitting in it’s oversized case.

The green curtains made the room glow of pretty puke green as the sun shined in. With stacks of useless doodles all over the ugly brown carpet, Chris-chris looks around her bedroom in complete pride. Her bed was smack-dab in the middle of the room, which caused great pain to those with swingy hips. Before her door is the entertainment center with a sad little television set. To the left of the door is a small depressed and unused dresser. The most this dresser has ever seen of Cc’s clothes are that of her socks. (Such a sad life for her dresser.) In the far corner of her room is the closet… which holds the very key to the boogey-world. (In other words, a sad looking art project from her freshman year of art class.) Along the walls are many posters of sexy and mean looking dragons, all who are ready to swallow the unperpared Chris-chris. For tables she uses cardboard boxes to hold all her books and nick-nacks. Here in the opposite corner of the closet, is that of the computer desk. This desk has seen better days; books, movies, cups and various other crap hogs the surface of the now old and worn wood. Last but not least, a simple little kitchen knife rests on the floor, begging for attention. For hour’s our sweet, not so innoncent Chris-chris stares at this knife with frightening intensions.

Thus… we have a Chris-chris bedroom. :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, a crappy paragraph written on a spare of a dime. it’s horrible, no?

Holmes passed his eye over the entire room. I am certain that, in his years of experience with keen observation applied to his science of deduction, that he had revealed events and facts that never cease to amaze me in the ingenuous way in which he obtains them.

“Well,” said Holmes. "This room certainly has the appearance of being inhabited by an male individual of Chinese descent, a new college student, of considerable resources when it comes to dealing with the education system, and with a slight beard growth on his chin.

“My dear Holmes!” I exclaimed. “I admit I am utterly confounded. I can observe, for example, by the case of empty green tea on the table that you take this individual to be a Chinese man, but how on earth did you arrive at those other conclusions?”

Holmes laughed with his genial disposition and sat down on a green wooden chair. “Ah, my dear man”, he said. “Your eye is entirely as good as mine. You perceive, but you do not quite observe. Take, for example, those considerable other resources within the room which may indicate that our man of mystery is of Chinese origin. Observe how he writes the Greek “a” on this paper full of book listings, over the prices of which every student of academia bemoans. This is extremely uncommon in one of local raising, such as in the United States. You also failed to observe a membership to the Chinese club of the University of Toronto.”

“Fantastic!” I remarked.

“Elementary,” said Holmes, with a wave of his hand, and a slight smile on his face. I have often noticed that appealling to his ego, more often than not, reveals, for a time, the man behind that cold, calculating machine of the law, however brief that may be. “Also take these papers on the poster board. You will observe that they are almost entirely composed of guides and maps to basic facilities of the university, something that the seniors of this school would not need. There are used notes from students of advanced years piled upon his bookshelf, indicating that he has considerable contacts who are willing to give or sell their work.”

“And the unshaven face?” I asked.

“Two of these three razors which lie upon the shelf,” remarked Holmes, “are entirely unused. One of them has the appearance of being used perhaps once or twice. A man who needs razors must have something to shave, and if it was only used once or twice, then the ritual does not occur very often. You have erred, perhaps, in saying unshaven. This is a young adult, after all, and I would say that he is only slightly unshaven, and that trait perhaps not even noticable.”

“Amazing!” I exclaimed. “You have clearly shown me every link in your chain of reasoning and I find none of them wanting. I wonder how the law can ever do without a Sherlock Holmes at their disposal.”

“My dear Watson,” said Holmes, as he rose from his chair and opened the door for me, “I have no idea.”

lots of games, anime, metal music and dragon and wolf posters, bunch of magazines and tapes and shit on the floor.

Epiphone Gothic G400, with EMGHZ pickups.

Messy, Blue, anime ish, Dressers, bunk bed, books, old toy house, stuffed animals, clothes, electronics, night lights, fans, and paper. Very small, one window, big closet, etc. Lol. :dancer:


I finally got my room in some semblance of order. Moving sucks.

You walk into my room, noticing the land mines sign on the door. Straight ahead is my bed. Its queen sized, for when I have the occasional visitor. Next to the bed is my bureau, and next to that is a clothes hamper. On the right side of the room is my closet, and two bookcases crammed with dozens of books, dvds, and games. On the left side of my room are two windows with room-darkening shades. I like to sleep in on the weekends and my windows face east. No curtains yet, but I’m getting some. Opposite my bed is my large Sony Wega tv on a big tv stand. The stand is filled with more dvds, tapes and games. In the corner, I have a table with my Technics turntables set up with speakers around the room. The walls are off-white and bare except for a row of nails along one wall on which hang all my Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots hats, about a dozen. There are usually some items of clothes lying around on the floor, unless it is laundry day. Not too cluttered, but not too clean either.

A bed with black walls and a shit load of posters,Mostly of bands,And then a full band set(Guitars,Drums,Mics,Etc…)Dresser,And that’s basically it :wink:

A bed, light gray wall, wood ceiling, fan as my light for room, computer desk, entertainment center for all the systems and crap, closet with sliding doors, and storage place, for crap i dont need.

dude, i thought your flooring was storage for all your crap…you could just toss everything in your recently empty sisters room. toss your stuff in there and you’ll have a lot more space in your room. heck you might be able to see the carpet even!


Messy and dusty.

dude, that’s pretty good. you read holmes habitually, or something? that’s some good writing.