Due to an incident at my house, I’m feeling just simply horrible right now…

I know some of you are saying “so what?”, but do any of the people who care think they can cheer me up?

Watch porn.

<img src=“” width=50 height=75>: I dunno capn, I need at least an hour, thats all I can give you!

<img src=“” width=50 height=75>: IM A DOCTOR, NOT A SPITDRIVER!

<img src=“” width=150 height=369>: You are very illogical, Dr.McMoose.

you alright? if you want to talk about it I’m here if you need to. you have me on yahoo, so just pop on and talk if you want to.

you should talk about it to someone you trust.

he can trust me… that is if he wants to.

I dont think talking to any of us is a good idea. he should talk to someone in person… or maybe go let off steam. go to an arcade and blow up stuff!

Hey Zhou, play SSB:M (I know you have it) and kick the crap out of stuff. Always works when I’m mad…unless I lose.

Listen to music: Listening to music works against anything. If only because it distracts you and makes you forget what you were depressed about.

If you ever need to talk Zhou Yu, I’m here. I’ll always listen.

I’m good at depression so if you want you can talk to me. I have great advice.

Jus what happened?

Well, thank you, everyone. It’s good to know you people care about me…

And Ren, it’s a long story…

Letting it out will do you some good. And this is a text based forum, people should be already used to long texts :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…I can sum it up as “a long and depressing conversation about me having to be just like everyone else 'cause I don’t have a lot of friends”. There’s a lot more details, but that’s the gist of it…

Listen to Metallica - Fade to Black . It will solve all your problems.

I get it. Everybody who’s hardcore in internet has fewer friends IRL than those people who internet layspeople.

My suggestion: read Nulani’s sig. It speaks a lot about people like you. That is almost everybody in internet so you can’t quite feel alone.

Linkin Park- Pushing me Away works well for me.

I wish Orak invited me to talk to him in instant messages.

Now I’m all depressed. ;_;:frowning:

Yeah listening to music helps burn a depression out…well actually it depends on if you’re simply down in a slump or a real depression…the latter case being out of our hands and I doubt if anyone here can say anything that will bring you out of it…