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I have a quick question (wasn’t sure if I should post this here or in the shrine forum, but it deals with both, so I posted it here). On my XP laptop I’d like to be able to open .shtml (or .html) files with Firefox, but when I select “Edit” I’d like to be able to open it in Notepad (instead of Word). Is this an XP thing I have to set, or is it in the programs themselves? I hope I explained this well.

Just load notepad and open it up manually once, it’ll be in the list.

Or maybe <a href=“”>Notepad++</a> would be a good idea.

Yeah, it’s on the “Open With…” list, but I want to be able to open it when I select “Edit”. I know it might be dumb, but it would be a lot easier for me. Yeah, I love Notepad++, I just haven’t gotten around to putting it on my laptop. Maybe someday I will.

I’d recommend using EditPlus for HTML editing; you can put that in the shell so that you can open ANY file by right-clicking it.
You can rewrite both Edit and Open by going to Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types -> SHTML -> Advanced.

Make sure there are two actions there. Call one “open” and one “Edit”. Edit the first one as follows (I’m just copying from my settings, no clue what they mean):
Action: open
Application used: C:\PROGRA~1\MOZILL~1\FIREFOX.EXE -url “%1” -requestPending
Use DDE: Checked
DDE Message: “%1”,0,0,
Application: Firefox
Topic: WWW_OpenURL

Then the edit one should be:
Action: &Edit
Application used: C:\WINDOWS\System32\Notepad.exe %1
Use DDE selected
Application: Notepad
Topic: System

Try it and see if it works. ^^;

That worked fine, thanks again, Cid!