Dec 2, 1998: Birth of ""

Today is the 10th anniversary of the “” domain name. It might not be as important as the day it all started, but commence celebration.


I say we un-rename the site back to rpglover for a week and abandon the wikification project because, let’s face it… that’s fucking bullshit! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. 11th. :fungah:

I suck more and more each and every day.:boring:


No arguments here.

Anyways welcome to RPGClassics RPGClassics!

Have some belated cake :caik: and don’t worry about taking us too seriously. Just remember that your post count doesn’t go up in the RP forum, and don’t use your sig for sneaking in spam. Also go to the chat room.

Or even better, let us revert to high-school students and let a thousand shrines bloom.

I approve of Rig’s plan.

Happy birthday, you wonderful site!