Dead or Alive: The movie?!

Clicky clicky.

No good will come of this.


I doubt those actresses quite have the cough “qualifications” to play the DoA girls.

As long as they got some big ass tittays, I dont care.

Never been a big fan of DoA.

I always used the old man, but I doubt he’ll be in this movie.

Don’t forget about Mortal Kombat, that was a good fighting game movie

Don’t forget about street fighter either, that was a horrible fighting game movie.

EDIT: After looking up “Jaime Pressly” I have discovered she is nakkers on the internet

Yea…since DOA has always been known for its stellar plot. :eyeroll.gif:


Plot is irrelevent in a fighter.

I’d rather it be a DOA: Beach Volleyball Movie, it’d prolly make more money.

does a Google image search He’s roight, you know. </RINGO>

Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to spend less money than anything else on the plot. On the other hand, this is DOA we’re talking about, not … okay, I can’t think of anything besides Guilty Gear as having a better plot than DOA, and that’s only due to quantity, not actual quality.

A Guilty Gear movie would be pretty cool if done right. It’d have to be animated, of course.

What, body-length pillows and pin ups aren’t enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why bother bein subtle? Their tits aren’t big enough.

Great as if it isn’t bad enough there doing a Doom movie (starring the rock!) now there doing a DoA movie with inaccurate actors!

:moogle: you know they could computer inhance there boobs so they look bigger.

They’re all boobs, but not large enough for DOA, i mean… guh:

<img src=“”>
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And just what is the pillow for… eh?

Can’t blame them though. Finding asian chicks with big boobs can’t be easy.

The DOA script was penned by J.F. Lawton (Under Siege, Pretty Woman).

It may have a chance story wise. Who knows.

Pretty woman is about a whore.

Games don’t need movies, movies just make the games feel… erm… cheap.