DD Classes

If you can make your own DD Classes what will it be i don’t what any thing god like like i just want sulft down to earth like Rangers.Fighter just like that

Red mages.

a spontaeous druid caster…i also made a Final Fantasy Tactics Geomancer but i lost the sheet long ago

o.o’ What the heck do you mean? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Let me translate. I have a minor in bad english.

If you could make your own class in Dungeons and Dragons, what would you make? Nothing overpowered or godlike. Realistic classes, such as rangers or fighters are what I’m looking for.

I’m ill I understood the first post more than lukeCrowly’s one.

Must be all my punctuation and complicated words.

Actualy it was the, what I’m looking for.

A class with the ability to steal the special properties of a creature it was fighting, kirby style.

Now that would rock.

Hm. Turns out it sorta exists. An ‘Illthid Savant.’
Damned awesome Mind Flayers. First they have Cthulhu good-looks, then brain eating, and now this. It is the last straw. I will not allow any more of this over-awesomeness to go on without me. I am making an Illithid Monk (changing Savant when I hit epic levels). Right now.

What book is the 'Illthid Savant in.

I don’t know. I use the SRD, because I’m poor. I also sometimes look in my friends Monster Manual for things not in the SRD. Needless to say, a class isn’t in the MM, so I really wouldn’t know.
I would bet it’s either in the Savage Species or Ultimate Psionics, though.