I’m having issues with DC++… again. Is it the network or is it me? I uninstalled it (thereby deleting all of my files in the process… ;_;… isn’t there anyway to retrieve them?!) and reinstalled it, but I’m still having the same problem, namely that any hub I go into has everybody showing up with “0 kb” of shared files. On top of that, I get a connection timeout with the 1 or 2 people who DO have files showing up. Can anybody help me me out?

DC++ has been really iffy for me since about a week ago. Most days I can’t even connect to the hub list, let alone download anything. It’s been pretty funky.

I changed my connection from active to passive, and now all of a sudden I can download from people again. I don’t get it. o_o

It’s simple…your connection is dyslexic.

Yeah, that’s what I’m beginning to think… <.<

Oh well. Since it’s working again, I guess I can’t complain. (well, I can… but I won’t. ;p)