DBZ Mangas

I’m addicted to them now. The translation’s not as cheesy as the show, and the fights don’t take as damn long. Please help me.

There’s no helping you now, but in all honesty, it is much better then the anime plot, speed-wise.

The DBZ manga r0x0rz j0 b0x0rz (I missed saying that…)

I wish I had money for a few of them :frowning:

Don’t forget about the DragonBall GT DVD’s that are out now…

I would read the manga, but for some reason, DBZ has sinked in my faveorites list… either because the same old same old or because they won’t continue the series…:frowning: help me too!

Heh. I don’t know if I care all that much for GT at the moment. The narrator sounds like a moron and the opening is just stupid…a very poor rap opening that I wish FUNi would have not laid their minds on…