Day of Wrath

This is my first story posted here. It’s a Chrono Trigger fanfic, but it’s a little… unique. Now, I realize that it may be somewhat confusing, but if you don’t understand it the first way through then try reading it once more. Or, at the very least, skimming it. There are a couple of references to Chrono Cross, so if you haven’t played (and don’t know the story of) it then you completely understand the story. Anyways, I don’t want to ramble too much right now… Enjoy the story, and feel free to comment on it. I expect to get a bit of hate for it, but I also am hoping to find a few people who enjoy it. It isn’t very long.

Day of Wrath Part 1: Of Love and Death
by x50413

Ah, my love. The only thing that matters, the source of my strength, for whom I would do anything. Without you, there is nothing, but neither the children we had together nor the ones who are yours alone realize this. Why are they so ignorant? Could we have changed it? Should we have changed it? There are so many questions, and so few answers to be had. Soon, I will finish this whole business, but oh, how it hurts me… To think that to save you, I must kill our beloved children, who we nurtured for so long, and scar your face forever. Irony is the cruelest of things, isn’t it?

If only we – I – hadn’t been so set on leaving a legacy behind, this would have never happened. Even if, by some sick twist of fate, it had… With time, our differences would disappear, and we would be one. If we only had the time, then it would be so easy to undo our mistakes. Together, there would be nothing beyond our reach. But there is no time, and there are things we cannot do alone.

I dread the coming of the sun, more than anything. What I do next is necessary, but it still pains me. I cannot sleep anymore, for fear of what must come next. I have put it off for as long as I can, but they will kill you very soon if I do not stop them. I must preempt them in the only way I can, but it will hurt you so much… I know you are willing, you have told me so, but it does not lessen the anxiety. I can hardly bear the thought of what you will be forced to endure.

I wonder, do you remember how we came to be here? I would never ask you that, you are so sensitive, but I truly wonder. Our children have done such horrible things to you… Your capabilities are not what they used to be. You have not aged well. The blame is solely theirs, and they will get their payment soon enough. Still, I can’t help but wonder… Do you remember?

You were so young back then. I was, too, but you were so much more so. You had already given birth to two sibling races, and they hated each other so. The ruling ones, they thought they were your favorites, but in the end they would have killed you, intentionally or not. When I first saw you, I must admit that I wasn’t sure of you. It was hardly a case of love at first sight, but I couldn’t bear the knowledge of what your children would do to you… When I explained it to you and you told me there was nothing you could do, that they were immune to your greatest weapons, there was such sorrow in your voice… It broke my heart. It was my fault you knew your fate – the dread you felt was my fault alone.

I couldn’t bear that, so I offered you my help. You were so excited then; perhaps it was because I was exotic, coming from somewhere far away, and perhaps it was also because of the strange knowledge that I had. Whatever the reason, your excitement intrigued me, and it was part of what made me stay when my work was done. I came to you, and the consequence was a crippling blow to both your children.
You loved them both so much, but confronted with the knowledge that one of them was going to kill you, you consented that it was necessary. The other, though… You wanted to save the other if it was possible. You didn’t know how, but I did, and I blessed them with the adaptability to survive.

And survive they did – even more, they flourished. Without the rivalry of their siblings and gifted with our favors, they spread and began to evolve. Yet, your other child had managed to survive, barely, and began to do the same. They refined themelves, and nourished a hatred of their more blessed brothers that was more intense than any hate they’d had before my arrival.
When they finally acted upon their hate, they began the longest, bloodiest battle I’ve ever seen. To this day, I’m surprised by the atrocities committed, by both sides, and I have watched them since their savage beginnings. I believe you feel the same, even though we’ve never openly spoke of it. I remember how torn you were then, not knowing which of your children to support. I was faced with the same dilemma, but it didn’t hurt me as much – only one of the children was mine, after all.

In the end, though, the blessed ones prevailed for the second time, and while your other children were spared, they still have not gained the kind of strength they had in times past. I doubt they will, but your children have strange ways of reacting to things, and they are very difficult to predict.
Now your other children have become an even bigger threat than their brothers were originally. I fear the blessings I gave them has caused things to go differently than they were supposed to… But it is too late to take them back now. I must deal with the consequences of my actions, in the best way possible. I cannot bear to lose you, my love, and so my choice is made for me. Our children must be dealt a blow from which they cannot recover, so that they may never threaten you again. You cannot do it; you do not have the will to harm your children, not in earnest. You never have, and I love you for it. It must be done, however, and if you cannot, the duty falls to me.

So be it. I will rise with the sun, and deliver our shared wrath unto our children, that they may know fear. That they may know the pain they have delivered to you already, and part of the extinction that they’ve come so close to forcing upon you. Tomorrow shall become a part of their history. It will echo in their minds until the end of time, and there shall be none who have not heard of it. Your face will be scarred forever, Gaia, but I will love you until the day we die together. No matter what happens, they cannot take that from us. I promise that to you: They will never take my love. Our love.
They may never know the reasons behind it - the justification for my horrors; the love behind the wrath - but they will never forget the Day of Lavos.

So, there it is. The first of several insanities that I have planned. As indicated by the title, this is intended to be a series. At the moment, four (possibly five) short fics are planned for it, but that may very easily change. So, comment away! Feel free to ask questions, too. I’ll be sure to answer them if I can.

Allright X. Interesting.

You may want to add a blank line or two between each paragraph so that it is much easier to read.

However, from what I can see, this will be an interesting series.

You might also want to delve into a bit of a backstory, so as people will understand more as to what’s going on. While I’m sure that most people here have played Chrono Trigger, there will always be a few who have not. Plus, backstory could make it more enjoyable.

Just my two cents.

All right. I fixed that, so it’s easier to read, now.

That’s true, backstory could be useful… I’ll consider it. Thanks for your feedback!

Sorry I couldn’t get anyone else to post here, but my friends who have read it said they liked it.