Dawn of Souls/FF2 remake problems

Hiya all. I was wondering if some of you would know, how to get to the town in the south, just after the white wizard joins your team, without being totaly killed/wiped- out, good jesus the enemies in the south area deals about 100-200 hp of damage, and I’m not even damaging them !

0 damage, argh this is so frustrating !

You’re not trying to get to Mysidia are you?

Don’t go there yet!

Dunno, I’m suppose to head to a town south of the rebels place I think. Using the canoe I guess ?

If you’re going to the continent south of the town you started the game in, you’re not going the right direction. You aren’t supposed to go there until much later.

Thats why I keep getting my but wiped-out, thanks ! To clarified things a bit, I’m at the beginning of the game right after you come back from the Castle bringing the dire news that Scott died, just after he gave you that ring.

You should be going north, not south. You want to go to Palm (or whatever it’s called in that version), which you can reach by going across a lake north of Altea.

Check the <a href=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/shrines/nes/ff2”>FF2 shrine</a> for better directions (even though the walkthrough seems to be full of broken links… somebody should bug Kagon about that…)

Humm interesting place to say the least ! Thanks for the link.

Yeah, there’s a website attached to the Agora. Who’d’ve thunk it?


Hum, I like the way you ‘respect’ your president Infonick.

And Hiryuu: Yeah, who would have though huh ?