David Mustaine (Megadeth) a Born Again Christian?


I don’t care one way or another, I just think that it’s very surprising.

Yeah, heard about this some time ago. Still interesting though.

That’s actually a pretty good statement the guy made.

I can see him becoming a born-again Christian, considering he got kicked out of one of the most successful bands of all history, before it became successful. That could drive anyone towards God.

That’s extremely old news. Where have you been?

That said, it’s kinda funny how Dave Mustaine found God, considering Dave Mustane IS God. \m/

Well, I just heard of it. shrugs

Anyway, I agree with Sin. I think that if you are going to have such a life altering change that you should be consistent. There’s nothing worse than a hypocrite.

You gotta please your fanbase. Can’t go writing Jesus Jams and alienate 99.9 percent of your fans.

Yeah, I read this a few months (maybe even a year?) back, and forgot about it, but now I’m reminded of it obviously.

But yeah, more power to Dave, I think he makes a good point and I think he’s going about it all the right way. Stick to one’s own beliefs and not comprimise them while at the same time not forcing them on anyone else (but of course willing to share them if asked).

Shut up. Actually, maybe Dave Mustaine should shut up! Yes, he got kicked out of Metallica… But guess what? He made a band that made music infinately better than Metallica ever did, until Dave Mustaine decided to make his music more accesible for a bigger fanbase. I think it’s fucking awesome that he got kicked out of Metallica, because not only do you have the first four Metallica albums, but you also get the first six Megadeth albums out of it(I rather like CTE and Youthanasia).

But I guess that doesn’t deny that Metallica is more “successful” than Megadeth… depending on how you define successful.

Anyways, this is very old news to me, I knew he was a christian around the time I was getting into Megadeth, or maybe a little after (two or three years ago). I read in a not-so-recent-anymore interview that he always believed in God, he just never followed God until now. So whatever, make of that what you will. I personally don’t care, the guy wrote some fucking sick music before, and nothing will change that. I’m just not a big fan of the later stuff, it’s a little boring and forumulaic.

Him being a born again Christian has absolutely nothing to do with his fanbase. Of course, I have this crazy idea in my head that it doesn’t matter what religion you are as long as you play music that I enjoy. Wow, what a fucking radical thought.

That being said, I agree with Gila Monster about Megadeth’s latest stuff. It is more than a little boring.

No, it has everything in the world to do with his fanbase. Many in the “true” metal community have written him off just because of his faith (many have already written him off after CTE, but I digress). There’s people out there who, like the government, want god and metal to be two seperate entities.

Not like it matters to me. I love 'deth and always will.

What I meant is that he shouldn’t care, if we’re talking about morality, here. It’s absolutely absurd to say that he should recant something he believes in to please his fans.

And he doesnt. He just doesnt let it slip into his music.

Well, it is impressive how he went on to become a success in his own right. But if you’ve ever seen the documentary about Metallica, he talks about how he needed counseling to help him through dealing with Metallica’s success - because people would come up to him and make the Metallica Satan sign all the time to rub it in his face. So maybe his becoming a born-again Christian has something to do with that. Anyway, its cool that he’s not afraid to flaunt his religion even though it may make him unpopular with his fans.

Come on Dave, Jesus talked to Satan, why won’t you play with them? :wink:

On a more important note RIP also due to Friedman is great. I also like that frenchie song ‘a tout le monde?’ because it’s so funny with DM’s pronounciation.

>drops out of incomprehensible to the majority thread.

EDIT: but I think he signed Nevermore or something so I’m covered.

…“Metallica Satan Sign?”

The thing where you hold up your pinky, index finger, and thumb. Whatever its called. People on the street would do it to Dave Mustaine just to be pricks.

I have not seen that documentary, but my friends say he acts like a baby in it. Like I said, he made a band that was way better than Metallica after getting kicked out. He’s a pretty weak person for holding a grudge so long, imo. He should have just forgotten about it and gone on with his life.

As for the “Metallica Satan sign”, well Metallica certainly did not coin that. It’s called “the horns”, as in a goats horns. Usually you keep your thumb in because a goat only has two horns.

Yes!!! Rust in Peace is an awesome album! I think it’s their best!

With the Thumb out, it’s sign for I love you. And it’s debatable as to whether or not Ronnie James Dio coined it or not, but he’s the one that popularized it.

Mustaine did not sign Nevermore, he did produce Sanctuary’s first album, which had members from Nevermore in it, and Jeff Loomis was once tapped to play guitar for 'deth at one point.

Tornado of Souls, bitch.

And as for the SKOM clip, here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKoXcJaylAo