Daunting Frickin' Spriting Task

Okay, so, I’m making an RM2K3 game based on … <font face=impact size=+1>AKIRA!</font> Uh, and, it’s gonna take a LOT of spritework. I mean, lookit all the characters we’ve got:

*Kaneda [GOT ONE!]
*Tetsuo (Number 41)
-Akira (Number 28)
-Tetsuo’s Arm
*The Colonel
-The Doctor
-The Harukiya Barman
-Masaru (Number 27)
-Takashi (Number 26)
-Kiyoko (Number 25)
-Lady Miyako (Number 19)

-Pills (biker gang)
-Clowns (biker gang)
-Wild Cocks (biker gang)
-Pretty Bombers (biker gang)
-Random Shabby-Looking Extras

… to say NOTHING of the scenery I’m gonna need, as well as battle poses! And the ones with stars next to their name will need battle spritesheets as well! Ye gods … So, uh, anyone want to help? :slight_smile:

Wild Cocks? I fear for this thread already… shudders

I’m not kidding – that’s the name of an actual gang that gets a passing reference in the manga!

>_> I could make a background maybe… Sprites no.

Oi god. Sounds like a big task. I’d like a copy of the game when you’re finished, but i cant really help. Im not good with drawing things.

Can we see the Kaneda sprite you already have?

Sure, you’ll just need to wait until I get home, because I’m currently at a school computer.

Anime isn’t really my bag, and thusly, I have never heard of this. Then why am I posting, you ask?

A matter of curiosity. Tell me…why the sheezy-feezy does this dude’s ARM need it’s own sprite?! o_O

I would have offered to help, but I suck at spriting…
Anyway, shouldn’t you ask in the spriting forum or something?
Or at least the ones who are moderating it :stuck_out_tongue:

And his arm needs it’s own sprite because it’s cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’d help, but I’m not much of an artist. Plus I haven’t read the manga, only seen the anime. But I could beta-test it or something. But your’ not at that point yet…

Well, I DO know you should be home now (I have been for 45 minutes) AND I know you live in the same timezone! POST THINE KANEDA!

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
Anime isn’t really my bag

I’m not a big fan of anime either but I have to say that Akira is my all time favorites. Good luck!

Originally posted by GG Crono 4

A matter of curiosity. Tell me…why the sheezy-feezy does this dude’s ARM need it’s own sprite?! o_O

Because it gets really big.

Okay, uh, unfortunately, our ISP decided to think that we hadn’t paid our bill, so unfortunately I can’t, so STFU, Steve (IonMage). And to answer GG’s question, Tetsuo loses his arm when he gets shot by an orbiting satellite, and he gets a prosthetic, and later he loses control of his powers (because of taking too many drugs, in the manga) which start morphing him, starting with the arm.

Sorry, didn’t mean that to come off as a threat or anything aggressive. I meant it as a joke kind of thing. But then again, I suck at doing sarcasm anywhere, online or no.

Okay … because Keenspace is down for the count, I have to use Angelfire stuff. So … here’s Kaneda.

EDIT: Oh, and if anyone can get (or make) me a 320x480 image of Tokyo circa 1988-1992, as well as the same looking like there’s a huge source of light in the middle of the upper part (All you need is to have seen the opening sequence of the movie to get what I’m talking about), it’d be really spiffy.

Anyway … I think that, for starters, I’m gonna steal images from the manga for the images. The problem is with finding 'em. :wink: