"Data is Corrupt"? Eeeek.

Okay…so I booted up Phantom Brave just now, and went to load my data, and was presented with… “Data is Corrupt”.

It’s taking all of my willpower not to go into a full-blown panic. :hyperven:

So what generally causes this, and more importantly, how do I un-cause it?

I don’t mess with gamesharks or anything, and it worked just fine a couple hours ago. My data for other games seems to work fine. I only have one PS2 memory card, but it’s never had any problems like this in the past.

Any and all help is muchly appreciated.

Did you use the Viewtiful Joe 2 demo from the playstation website?

No. My PS2 doesn’t have any online attachments.

It was a free demo disc, not a online PS2 thing (they sent it as a holidy gift). It was an actual/physical disc. Obviously you didn’t get it because of your response. Since you didn’t get or use the disc, I’ll have to think of something else.

Yeah, the Viewtiful Joe 2 demo disc erases memory cards.

Have you put the memory card through anything unusual lately?

That would always happen to my Metal Gear Solid Camera files, be it Snake Eater, or Sons of Liberty. Anyways, try not to get them near magnets, or like, stuff. I suggest bringing it to a game-repair shop, see what they can do.

GG, take a look here. Corrupted memory card files are not an uncommon problem, unfortunately.


From my experience, your save is screwed.

Gah…it just HAD to be on a save file I spent a good number of hours leveling on, too…

I never did anything that it said could cause this kind of problem. I’m going to phone a friend who has a PS2 and try copying data to his card…pray for me.

Thanks for the help, guys.

Good luck. Hopefully you’ll have more than I did with my corrupt save.

This is why im happy to have a DexDrive.

Hey Dev, still selling your Minidisc player? :open_mouth:

Setz, shut up. Don’t spam/derail threads.

What is this Dexdrive of which you speak?

A DexDrive is a little utility that hooks up to your PC that allows you to transfer Memory Card files to and from your PC to a Memory Card. It’s what they use to make the Game Save files at GameFAQs. Unfortunately, they don’t make DexDrives anymore; I think they make them under a different name like “GameShark X-Port”, or something.

Intrigueing. Are they hard to come by and/or expensive?

Certain stores don’t carry them, to my knowledge. I’ve looked around and never seen them for sale (and I remember talking to a sales person at EB about them, and he mentioned that they may have been taken off the market for some reason). But a quick Google search suggests that you can order them online from various places. As for a DexDrive, you’ll have to buy a used one off of eBay.

I got my DexDrive a year and a half ago at GameStop for 20 bucks (refurbished). Its special features are worthless (you should be able to get your PS online with it, but it doesn’t work for me), but for backing up saves <i>it is a god</i>. The only real downside is that sometimes blank cards won’t work with it. Many times, if i go out and buy a card new, and try to download saves to it using the drive, it won’t work. But i can usually correct this by putting the card in my PS2 first. (maybe it formats it or something, i dunno).

All in all, its TOTALLY worth it. I think dalton is right though, it might be hard to find, but check the used accessories area at gamestop, thats where i got mine.

Also, a company called BlaZe makes a dex-drive ripoff called the <a href=“http://www.success-hk.com/sc_html/images/GB-0092-Lo2i4.jpg”>MPxChanger</a>. I assume it works the same way, but i havn’t used it first-hand. It can also do DC, GB, and N64 saves, if thats your thing.

That sucks.

Pshaw, as if you got a right to complain until it has happened to you at least three times and you’ve lost all your saves. Stupid memory cards.