Darwin Award attempt caught on camera


I mean… jeez… there are no words. Keep with it because believe me, it gets steadily worse as the video progresses.

…the fuck were they thinking?

I guess they both must’ve had SOME reason to want to avoid the cops that badly, but wow.

Wow. WTF? is all I’ve got. That, and people trying to kill themselves by running out in traffic are total jerks. Yes, please, go ahead and fuck up some stranger’s life in trying to end you own by having them kill you by accident. :\


I mean…what?

There aren’t any words to describe this, really. Wow.

They fucking got a death wish or something? Damn…it seems there are no bounds as to how some stupid some people can be. I’m actually surprised they’re still alive. Not to mention to still keep going after all that…

Does it make me a bad person if that made me laugh out loud? >_>

Absolutely. You should be filled with righteous fury instead. :smiley:

They’re hideously stupid, but incredibly lucky to survive.

Not that it’d have been a big loss to the gene pool.

I saw this on the actual show last night, was freakin insane. They also showed a lot more of it last night. Including them both being hit, they were lucky to be alive after that.

One thing I find really stupid, is that at the point the women was being carried by six people, she screams for help, and screams for the police as well.
The police then tell her, “We ARE the police!”

Suicide attempt, drug trip or escaped mental patients? oO I’d like to know what the fuck drove them to do that.