anyone know the Anime Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge?
if so, is it recommendable?

if your talking about the series that came around in the early 90’s then yes… If you like cheesy ass lazy american animated cartoons that defile all that is good about the respective games they portray. lol, thing is… I LOVE them, its the cheesy factor that gets me into it. I have both seasons of the Megaman cartoon on dvd, and am gonna get the street fighter ones when I get the money.

If there was an actual Anime (done by the japanese) then I’m not aware of it.

could be the same, i meant this one


click the screens, for a sample

ya know where i can get these? Videos or DVD?

Yes, there was a series, yes, it’s recommendable. ONLY if you liked the games though. While it has far better plot and characterisation than most series that are based on fighting games (Fatal Fury), it still has a fairly nonsensical premise. The fights are cool though, and the dub is pretty decent. See it. I believe Amazon.com have it.

ok, i will have a look. And yes i liked the game.

(Izlude, just a theory but, could it be that you like Cammy?)