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Cidolfas has posted some news regarding him, his projects and YnT on the Dejap Forum. Here is what he posted, and the link to the post:

I wish the best of luck to him to get well the sooner possible, although I’m sure he won’t need it to recover ;).

Here is the link to the original thread:


You know, I might be the only person on EARTH that actually likes the SFC Wedding Peach game…

Hopefully ChrisRPG will actually finish Dragon Quest VI eventually…He doesn’t seem too motivated to work on it, judging from DarkForce’s quote, which is a crying shame… Maybe somebody else will pick it up and finish it off if ChrisRPG doesn’t want to…

I’m also glad that YnT is picking up Far East of Eden Zero, although I hope that Arabian Nights remains their top priority.

Heh, I know some people that likes it too.

Well, if I’m not wrong ChrisRPG isn’t alone in the hacking of Dragon Quest VI, I think Byuu and some other people also are or were helping…

Don’t worry, the original FEOEZ translator will continue with the work on it ;), and about Arabian Nights… there wasn’t as much work on it these Christmas as I’d like… but there are some new things done, and the main dialogues translation will continue as soon as possible, I don’t know when tho… neolok “vanished”, he is taking some time out of house, since he received a “visit” from a certain person… :kissy:… you know xD, but once he returns home I’ll make more sure than ever than the dialogues are finished :P.

Of course it will, actually its progressing nicely, although i don’t have as much time as i would to dedicated it to…:bowser:

Anyway, i talked to Darkzero, he seems very interested in keeping on translating the scripts, although he maybe could need some help with the time dates…

Hi guys. :fungah:

Yes, those historical dates trouble me for a long time now, because I don’t know that much about japanese history (the parts about world history were easier), the rest of the script is pretty easy japanese.
The items are 100% and the descriptions are at 99% (I don’t know where one description belongs to). The historical dates might be around 5-10% and the normal text is at 3-5%

That’s great news :wave:
Anybody offering to help (winking at Hector :hyperven: )

Dark Force gave me an AIM screenname of someone I should contact if i had questions

Can’t wait to get a copy of the scripts :moogle: