Dark Souls free on Xbox Live until June 15

Dark Souls is a profound game. Seriously, it’s designed very, very well. It is quite difficult, as you’ve probably heard, but I’m here to tell you it’s not impossible. Dark Souls, to me, is what Diablo always wanted to be and just fell short. I’ve got several games that I play regularly but since I got back into the Souls games through Dark Souls 2, I’ve been reminded of it’s power. And with the release of the Dark Souls for free under Games with Gold, I’ve been reminded of it’s splendor.

Some of you know me, some of you don’t. But take it from me - you need to try this game. It offers a legit role playing experience in the classic style of stat points and level ups. The combat system is intuitive and rewarding, and completion of both games has taken roughly 70 hours each. What I’m telling you is that there is a free, rewarding, well designed, free, JRPG in a convincing western style. Get it now.

Of course it’s free right after I decide to cancel my XBox Live Gold. Blah.

Man, you never quit a game service during the week of E3. There’s always someone going “Gaze upon your online store and rejoice/despair right f-ing now.” during these things.