Does nobody else have SC2 Beta? D:

Dammit is spelled with two m’s.

Also, no. D:

You know, I was going to come in here and be all like “NO! It’s spelled damnit, damnit!” but then I checked the dictionary and you’re right. That was something new learnt today.

I played the beta at a friend’s place, but I don’t think it would run on this computer. Otherwise I probably would have had it.

Even if it wasn’t in the dictionary, I have a problem with it cos I can’t ever read it as anything other than ‘dam nit’ TWO M’S DAMMIT!!!

The real thing is out in 10 days.

I just got my computer back for the second time, and it is apparently FOR REALLY fixed now. But no worries I’ll have this game soon enough to join a huge game with you guys and ping like there is no tomorrow