Damn you life, damn you.

Why the hell did you guys reccomend a LiveJournal to me?

You all know the personal information I put in my LJ, right? Well, my parents discovered the keyboard and found my LJ today; and read the whole fucking thing. They went to my school, and talked with the person in charge, and dragged me into a meeting.

They are not happy one bit. I am incredibly pissed off to the fact that they go into my personal life. They know about all the boob-licking, and all that garbage. And, the even worse thing is, they voluntarily told the school about it all. >:(

I’ve stopped cutting, but I might restart due to the latest turn of events. I was notified earlier today that the school told Rachel’s parents, and Rachel herself. I feel incredibly horribe; and I cannot bring myself to phone her. I mean, what if her mom picks up? I’m royally fucked.

Monday marks the 1 month anniversary of our relationship. And, it will be the last day in our relationship. I will be leaving her on Monday if she doesn’t leave me. I feel I’ve ruined this relationship, and I don’t deserve to be with her anymore. I feel as if I am not worthy enough to be with her anymore.

Maybe I’ll change my mind; but for now, that’s my point of thought.

I’ve deleted my LJ because of this.

<b>TD: nothing changed, wrong butan</b>

Put it in your LJ. >.>

No, but seriously, we don’t care. This board is not your own personal LJ.

I don’t understand how they’d find out about your LJ and not about how you use our boards as your LJ :stuck_out_tongue: . Nevertheless, I do sympathize with Setz on this one, it blows chunks to have people butt in.

Make your livejournal friends only if you don’t want people reading it.

Also, what will it take to make you stop posting these threads?

Why did you take anyone’s advice to get an LJ in the first place? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, it does suck that your parents intervened like that, but you know…you did put it up for total strangers to read; you can’t be all that mad that they found it, if you REALLY think about it. :stuck_out_tongue: Best of luck, though.

have it set so that it doesn’t remember your login, and set the entries to friends only, and all this goes away.

I want to keep this bumped for all to see TOO.

Well unfortunately, he’s already fucked (or in this case, won’t be - although if he posts anything more in relation to that I swear I’m gonna blow an aggression inhibitor) and as things stand, THIS KINDA POST STILL DOESN’T FUCKING GO AWAY!