Damn, this is addictive.


Been trying to beat it on competition mode all day. Amazing gameplay though. :slight_smile:

It’s bugged. When I make a three pieces stack I don’t win, as opposed to what is siad in the rules. When the AI does the same thing it wins.

I just managed to beat competition mode somehow. I can’t help but wonder if my having a relatively slow computer (800 MHz pentium 3) gives me an advantage since it makes the computer’s search slower.

Also I think the AI is too stupid to drag out the game when it sees that its opponent has a way to win. I thought I was in trouble because the computer started making its moves after less than 10 seconds of consideration, but then I managed to win. A better AI would have picked moves to drag out the game as long as possible, hoping that its opponent didn’t see the path to victory.

You… you are the prophesied Third One! When do we usher in a new glorious era?

Easy way to win a game in competition mode: play 2 games at the same time, let the computer go first in one. In each game, just use the computer’s moves. Really it’s the computer playing against itself with human intervention, but whatever. In one of the games, you will win.