Damn, that's a lot of hair.


Wow. I bet if he ran around naked, the zoo would send people after thinkg he was an escaped monkey or something. Guys are known to be hairy, btu damn.

He probably wouldn’t be considered naked.

I bet he’s proud of it too. Watch the women flock. ~_~

Some women must like that kinda thing. Plus he’s got publicity.

That amount of hair scares me. People think I’ve a lot of hair. These people should see this guy.


It’s the Missing Link!

Wow, I hope he at least has a chance to accomplish his dream (of being a rockstar). If he’s good, at least.

Stop being mean to the hairy man!!!..I would need therapy from that… :too bad:

you’re only 10… you don’t need therapy… you need a life… go outside and play or something…

I do have a life, it’s not like I’m on the internet all day!

I’m older than you and I dont have a life… lol, I used to play when I was 10… but then the internet came and swept me off my feet… swoon :kissy:

If I were him, I’d totally go live in the Yukon, and scare the bejesus out of people passing through.

I think hairy backs are gross. So he’s off my list of people I wanna date.


That guy should audition for a Planet of the Apes film. He’d get the part because they wouldn’t even need to make a costume for him.

He wants to be a rock star? Man. Talk about your hair band.

That’s ridiculously horrible 984. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like White Ninja time

I’m surprised no one said it earlier.