Damn, she's very strong.

Well, an hour ago I got a call from one of my friends and it sounds like friend of mine that was injured in yesterdays accident is going to be all right. She’s finally woke up and is talking. I just hope that nothing is too permanent. She looked TERRIBLE right after the accident (i couldn’t even look at her). However, I haven’t heard anything about her getting off life support sooner than expected. I guess with all things considered she is pretty damn lucky. However, she has been getting better. Yesterday was very long though, very long.

Even better. The doctors expect her to make a full recovery. That’s a relief. I thought that she would, it is just great to hear the doctors say so.

: Mr. Woohing Smilie says ‘Wooh!’.

glad to hear everything worked out well.

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glad to hear everything worked out well.

Well not everything. points to newest topic