Damn Robot Sharks...


Dr. Quinn: “I have taken nature’s perfect killing machine, and needlessly turned it into a robot.”

Psh. Who DOESNT have a robotic shark?

Bah. Robot shark.
They should’ve made something remotely useful instead, like a robot catboy.

a robot Nulani for me to play Monopoly with ^^

Originally posted by Shinobi
a robot Nulani for me to play Monopoly with ^^

Yeah, we all know your “rules” for playing Monopoly.

No robot Nulani would play Monopoly with you. Mostly because robots are incapable of playing Monopoly, but also because no one would play Monopoly with you.

Robot sharks? If you say so.

Okay, now I’m probably gonna end up making a MegaMan X catboy.

Mmm, catboys.
Make sure he is fully functional. *Nod, nod.

Robotic Sharks, found at your local Radio Shack next to the remote controlled cars.

Also, THIS Mike wouldn’t be intrested in anything any Aaron’s he knows had to say, but that’s another matter.

:ulty: Howabout Radio Shark?

And I’m almost afraid to ask what Nulani thinks of me.

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
:ulty: Howabout Radio Shark?
Ooooh…bad pun.

But I admit, I thought of it before posting Radio Shack :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not real. So nothing.

What is “real”? How do you define “real”? If real is what you can see, or hear, or touch, then real is simply electrical impulses interpreted by your brain.

:ulty: You lose by that definition, too.

Oh. Damn.

Tinfins…that movie rocked.

A robot Nulani? So we’d have two of 'em hovering over the red button…