I was going to upload some pics and show you my giant armada of Terran BattleCruisers on Brood War, however no one supports .PCX format. When I change the extention it doesn’t work and only displays a giant red X. Can someone help me?

File -> Save As -> (Some other extension)

What program do you use? Image Viewer?

StarCraft Brood War: Print Screen button.

What program do you use to VIEW the picture. You have to open the picture using an application and save it as another image type in order to get it working on the web.

[li]Download Irfanview.
[/li][li]Open the .PCX image with Iranview.
[/li][li]Click File - Save As.
[/li][li]Save as a JPG, PNG, or GIF.
[/li][li]Upload to somewhere.
[/li][li]Do the image tag thing.

Cless I use ACDC.

All fixed thanks Nu.

You know, Paint opens PCX. You could just open your pics with it and save as .BMP.