Dammit where is everyone in here?

For 3 days no one has replied, made any threads or even viewed any of the topics here? Why?

You’ve actually bothered to check and see how many views threads have?

Anyway, so there’s been a lull, big fucking deal. Plenty of other Fora here have had bigger breaks in between posts than this. Give it time, and people will post when they need to.

im gonna try making a thread maybe it’ll work

Becaaaaaaaause…people don’t feel like talking about anime at the moment?

Some of us do have lives you know :stuck_out_tongue: we can’t visit here 24/7

I do see the irony in this.

I don’t like board that are permanently dead

NOr do i like boards when your stuff gets “buried” between new topics

Wow, irony

Yes, much irony. And, also I’d like to say something to your siggy Mew…NO! It’s MY story!

The anime board is usually a lot less busy than the other board because there are few topics really worth posting in any detail about. So it dies. It’ll come back up when something important happens in SEED Destiny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like your avatar, pirerson. Berserk is good.