d20 Modern: Apocalypse

Anybody know anything about this?

No, but I’ll look into it. It seems like something I’d be interested in. No idea why, but i love post-apocolyptic settings.

Choose your Apocalypse.

I know it has multiple apocalyptic choices, but I’m just wondering how it playtests. Some parts seemed pretty out-there, from what I read of it.
I’m thinking of running a campaign, if somebody knows if this works, and there’s some interest.

I’d like to give it a try, if you ever get it running. So you got one player, at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, it LOOKS like it works okay. But then again, apparently “Manipulate Form” LOOKED okay and TESTED okay as well, so things can get a bit iffy. But from what i’ve read… Yeah, the modules themselves seem realtively solid and uh, not OMGWTF were these idiots THINKING! The barter system makes it seem like you’ll have less gear than usual, but i suppose that’s the price one pays for not having a normal pl 5 world anymore.

I’m concerned about a a few of the classes. I don’t know how often Road Warrior would come in useful in most campaigns (although I’d still play one, no-matter what, because I’m a MadMax fanboy. . .), and Evolutionary seems a little unfair at times.
HH, have you not pirated this book so you can not send it to me so I can run a game in it?

You could, possibly, add other classes? I don’t know how flexible the system is. I actually have a unique idea for a campaign in a post-apocolyptic setting, but I’d need the book first, to see if i could use it as a base.

It has several different ways of going about apocalypse, and includes all the d20 modern classes. So having enough balanced classes wouldn’t be a problem, it’s just worrying people will choose them. =P

Anyway, there’s an armaggedon apocalypse, nuclear war, alien invasion, and I believe two other causes for the apocalypse that you can use as a backstory, and they’re all quite customizeable.